Developer Psyonix confirmed that a new game trailer is now on its way and that the next patch for Rocket League is expected to come in a couple of days. There's also a new pair of DLC packages in the pipeline.

When Rocket League was launched earlier this year as a free beta title, it easily gained popularity among several PS4 owners. Psyonix has kept an eye on the game since its launch and has also promised to bring a number of big things for the game's thriving community.

The company recently launched the first major patch for the game, which is aimed at addressing a number of issues and adding some tweaks to PC users. These include a fix on the item tracking stats for those who play online; a fix on the "Virtuoso" achievement for it to be unlocked correctly on the PC; a new "mouse sensitivity" setting under the options menu for users of PC; a new way of displaying on the player's stats page his win/loss ratio by changing it into a win percentage instead; a new punishment policy for players who were found to have left during ranked matches; and a newly added ability of bots to adjust skill levels that will match the players' average skill level while they are currently in the game.

Psyonix also confirmed that it is releasing a pair of DLC packages for the next couple of weeks, the first of which is a free map DLC pack that is Utopia-inspired. According to, the map will feature a regular stadium-style form instead of the previous circular form. The second DLC pack, otherwise known as the "Paid Supersonic Fury," will include a pair of new vehicles with the render of one found at the end of this post.

Other gaming highlights that fans should expect include a 3v4 team ranked mode; a solution for limited cross-platform gaming among friends; a spectator mode, items called "Thanks For Not Killing Us," which are meant for players who were affected by server outages; and pearlescent paint, which is set to be launched along with the first DLC pack.

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