It's summertime, the skies are bright and blue, the temperature keeps going up and school is out. Summer also means that it's time for some great discounts on all sorts of things shoppers love.

Like video games, for example.

Sony's PlayStation Store, the digital merchant where PS4, PS3 and PS Vita owners can buy and download games, is holding a month-long sale event, where selected titles are available to purchase with big markdowns. There are movies in the sale, too.

Here in the U.S., Sony says that the list of sale items will change weekly, and it looks like that change will be happening on Monday mornings. The first week's batch of games includes titles that go all the way up to seventy percent off — and PlayStation Plus members get even bigger discounts, up to eighty percent off.

Those are unheard of prices, perfect for building up gamers' collections. Week one's games on sale include favorites like Far Cry 4 ($36 / $30 w/ PS+), Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition ($6 / $4.50 PS+), Luftrausers ($4 / $5 PS+), Deadpool ($25 / $20 PS+), Apotheon ($7.50 / $6 PS+) and Tetris Ultimate ($5 / $4 PS+).

On the movie side of things, the list is filled out with mostly forgettable stuff, but look carefully and you'll see a few winners. Like Fury, The Hurt Locker, Predator, Live Free or Die Hard and a few others.

Remember, the sale runs for four weeks, and each week will have a completely different list of sale items. The change happens on Monday mornings, so keep an eye on the PlayStation Store homepage.

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