Fujifilm just announced the latest camera in its X-series, the X-T1 IR, which will be as useful to various professionals including crime scene investigators, astrophotographers, health care professionals, scientists and artists.

Although the X-T1 IR shares many of the same specs as its predecessor the X-T1, the standard IR cut filter has been removed, and the sensor includes an anti-reflective coating. The sensor in the mirrorless camera can capture light from a wider range of the spectrum. That means the camera can capture infrared and ultraviolet light, which is invisible to the human eye.

Fujifilm's XT1 IR can capture infrared light at wavelengths from 380 nm and up to 1,000 nm, as well as see ultraviolet light from the 380 nm to 400 nm range. As a comparison, the human eye can only see 390 nm to 700 nm.

This feature will allow crime scene investigators to use the infrared camera to help pick up clues at a crime scene. Photos taken with the infrared camera will allow investigators to see differences in temperature, as well see through thin clothing to reveal an object in a pocket, for example. It can be used to analyze bloodstains Dexter Morgan-style, and can be useful to health care professionals by revealing deep-tissue injuries.

Along with being useful at crime scenes, the XT-1 IR will allow fine art photographers to create artistic images such as surreal landscapes, mirroring dreamlike states rather than reality. The infrared camera can be used by astrophotographers to capture objects like stars that are not visible to their eye. It can also be used by art historians to see the deeper layers of a painting.

Both the X-T1 and XT-1 IR have a 16-megapixel APS-C sensor, Wi-Fi connectivity, an OLED viewfinder and the ability to shoot in the continuous mode that takes up to eight photos per second. Both also have a weatherproof body.

Fujifilm has not yet released to images for the infrared XT-1 IR camera, but it's expected to be released in October for a retail price of $1,699.95.

Via: The Verge

Photo: Fujifilm

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