BioWare announced back at E3 that a third story-based expansion is coming for Star Wars: The Old Republic but was light on details.

A new trailer released illuminates some early details about the plot, the characters and what kinds of gameplay it will bring to the popular MMO. Knights of the Fallen Empire, as it's called, will bring back the kind of cinematic storytelling seen in the core game — some of which has been lost in the expansion packs. On top of that, BioWare has promised that this will be the game's biggest DLC pack released yet.

In Knights of the Fallen Empire, your in-game character becomes a veteran of the Great Galactic War called the Outlander. A new threat is rising from the Outer Rim called the Eternal Empire. This empire is led by a dark figure named Emperor Valkorion, a Force-sensitive warrior like yourself, with whom the Outlander may have a shared destiny.

The new DLC pack will bring fans brand-new worlds to explore, new companions and plenty of choices to make that dramatically impact the story you experience. BioWare is promising that Fallen Empire will be a continuous story, with new chapters dropping regularly.

Sound like fun? Check out the trailer below.

Star Wars: The Old Republic — Knights of the Fallen Empire will be available on October 27, 2015.

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