To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the the theatrical release of Batman, starring Michael Keaton as the Dark Knight, Rocksteady Studios will release the 1989 Batmobile as part of the DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight next week.

Gamers who purchased the season pass for the game will be able to ride around Gotham City in the '89 Batmobile. The '89 movie pack also provides six skins: Original Batman, 1990s Catwoman, One Year Later Robin, Arkham Origins Batman, 1970s Batman and Arkham Nightwing.

And now, Rocksteady Studios has released the first footage of the '89 Batmobile in action.

The vehicle, as seen in the Tim Burton film, has better handling than the Batmobile featured in Arkham Knight, and features tracks designed from the film and its sequel that include the Joker Parade and Penguin's Lair.

From a design perspective, the Batmobile is longer and more narrow, which helps the player navigate through small gaps in the track a bit better. Since the handling has improved, there are tighter corners in the tracks than in the main game.

Along with using the boosts and the drift to get around the '89 movie-inspired tracks, there is also an advance move called the side boost. To activate the side boost, double-tap the boost while driving in a straight line, press a direction and the vehicle will move that way, shifting to the side.

Arkham Knight's 1989 Movie Batmobile Pack rolls out next week for season pass owners on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Take a look at the '89 Batmobile in action, as well as the Robin AR challenge in the clip below.

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