What would you get if the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One had a baby, and then decided to name that baby after the Kickstarted, Android-based Ouya console?

The abomination known as OUYE, that's what. It's a video game console currently seeking funding on a Chinese knock-off of Kickstarter, and it is all kinds of strange.

Just look at it. The console has an almost identical shape to that of the PlayStation 4, but with the grill of an Xbox One on top. Adding insult to injury is the OUYE's controller, which is very obviously an Xbox One controller. The only difference is that the Xbox "jewel" at the top has been replaced by a number of different buttons.

According to a translation from a commenter on Kotaku, the console is being developed by a Shenzhen company, which says it spent six months coming up with a "unique design." Just like the Ouya, the OUYE will be an Android-based micro-console, albeit a slightly more powerful one that looks gigantic and comes with an Xbox One controller. The company is seeking $15,000 in funding to make the OUYE a reality.

Seriously, the PlayStation 4 isn't small and the Xbox One is huge. The Ouya is tiny. Very tiny. Why, then, is this company modeling its micro console off the PS4 and Xbox One? Likely image recognition — the same reason it's using a name that is one vowel different from the Ouya. By the creator's logic, the PS4, Xbox One and Ouya are all a success, so mush them all together and the OUYE is a success, too. Right?


By the way, all this can be yours for the low, low price of $70 when it releases. If it releases, that is.

How is any of this being allowed to happen? Well, copyright laws don't really apply in China, despite retailers in the country now being allowed to sell both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 after the Chinese government lifted a 15-year ban on game consoles. Will the OUYE reach its funding goal? We can only hope not.

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