'The Witcher 3' Sold Six Million Copies In Its First Six Weeks


There seemed to be little doubt that CD Projekt Red's massive open world RPG The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was a massive success, but now we know just how big of one.

According to CD Projekt Red (via IGN), The Witcher 3 sold more than six million copies in its first three weeks on sale across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with 1 million copies being activated on CD Projekt Red's own digital game platform

Those are some big numbers for a RPG, especially one that few console players had ever heard of. The first Witcher game released in 2007 was PC and Mac only. The sequel, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, was released on PC back in 2011 and then was ported to the Xbox 360 a year later.

That means PlayStation-only gamers had never played the game series before, but that evidently didn't stop gamers across all platforms from picking up the title. CD Projekt Red reports that sales for this year are up 600 percent compared to last year, with the company making more than 63 million in profits. Compared to the previous year's profits of 1.3 million, it's a 4,800 percent increase. In a translated polish news article, CD Projekt Red CEO Adam Kicinski says the studio will be announcing their big plans for the future in March.

"In March we will present our vision of the future for the coming years," Kicinski says. "We have a number of good and ambitious ideas. We chose the best of them, put plans and it will look like the future, we will present a strategy."

The developer has taken a stance against commonplace DLC practices, and it looks like they are doing just fine without nickel and diming customers for additional content. CD Projekt Red released 16 free pieces of DLC over the last several months for The Witcher 3, ranging from new quests and armor to the inclusion of a New Game Plus mode. Last week the developer said they hope to have set an example for how DLC should be done in the industry.

All of the Witcher 3's free DLC is now available for download, with two paid expansions on the way. The first, Hearts of Stone, will release in October, with the game's second expansion, Blood and Wine, releasing sometime early next year. If the two expansions are anything like the main game, CD Projekt Red can likely expect those to sell well too.

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