An app called "What's Your Wife Worth" was started in 2013 but never really launched as it was described as being "horribly developed."

The information about the app came after the Ashley Madison site was attacked by a group of hackers who call themselves the "Impact Team." The latter dumped a much bigger data from the site in their latest round of attack which included email exchanges between the executives of the infidelity site.

Plans about the app as stated in the leaked files and emails were revealed by the Daily Dot, which named CEO Noel Biderman of Ashley Madison and VP of Creative Brian Offenheim of Avid Life Media as the sources.

Apparently, a screenshot of the app's full program was allegedly attached to one of Offenheim's emails. Biderman seemed pleased about the design and sent him a reply which said, "This is really good."

The app gives two options: "post your wife" and "bid on someone's wife." The screenshot also showed photos of women arranged according to their ranking with each one having a corresponding value in dollar and the number of votes that they "earned." The list would have had the title "Top Ten Hottest Wives Currently Being Cheated On."

The purpose of "bidding" on someone else's wife is difficult to comprehend. It could be used for boosting the ego of those whose wives earned the highest bid. There is also the notion that those who cast their votes have the sneaky intention of going out on a date with one of the wives in the photos.

If this is the case, it reminds us about that scene in the movie Indecent Proposal when Robert Redford offered $1 million to Woody Harrelson on the condition that he sleep with his wife which was played by Demi Moore.

However, an employee allegedly told the company executives that the app was "horribly developed" which prompted them to abandon the plan sometime in 2014.

There's no information on whether the employee was referring to the poor quality of the Android app or to the terrible concept that the app itself brings.

Days after the hack, Avid Life Media released a statement that says, "We are actively monitoring and investigating this situation to determine the validity of any information posted online and will continue to devote significant resources to this effort. Furthermore, we will continue to put forth substantial efforts into removing any information unlawfully released to the public, as well as continuing to operate our business."

Avid Life Media has yet to comment on the "What's Your Wife Worth" app, which never really launched.

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