Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - New Image Of The Batsuit And Bruce Wayne


New Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice image was recently released via social media, and we have to say, it looks stunning. The image is basically a wider view of something we've seen several times over.

The shot was released by the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice official Twitter page shows Bruce Wayne inside the Batcave staring at the Batsuit. It appears from this scene that he hasn't worn it for years and is contemplating whether or not he should get back into the game.

We also get to see how Bruce gains access to the suit. At the right-hand section of the wall, there's a handprint recognition system. The design shows that not only does this device scans the palms, but also the fingerprints of the user.

For those who are unaware, aspects of this scene were shown in the teaser trailer, and also in the full trailer. It showed Bruce Wayne looking angry and brooding as he stares on the Batsuit.

This is all about taking down Superman, but as we've seen before, Batman in this regular suit will not be enough to bring the Man of Steel to his knees. The caped crusader will have to create a metallic suit, presumably laced with Kryptonite to defeat this god-like creature from space.

Whether or not the Batman will succeed in his bid to defeat Superman is all up in the air right now. But from the trailer we've seen, we know for a fact that Batman will no doubt put up a good fight in hopes of coming out on top.

Why are they fighting?

In the Man of Steel movie, Superman and General Zod destroyed several buildings, and during this mayhem, hundreds, if not, thousands lost their lives. This caused Batman to view Superman as a threat, and a man with the power capable of wiping out the entire human race.

They will naturally end their battle on some good terms, but as it stands right now, things are looking very bad.

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