Seagate Technology's premium brand LaCie has announced its Rugged hard drive that offers faster speed, a tough design along with an integrated Thunderbolt cable.

On Thursday, June 5, the company revealed the LaCie Rugged. The Thunderbolt cable in the hard drive can transfer data at a speed of 387 mbps, which makes it the fastest "bus-powered product" in the market. The integrated Thunderbolt cable is attached to the hard drive itself and packs easily at the bottom of the hard drive. The permanently attached Thunderbolt cable means that customers will not have to buy a separate cable and they can never lose the cable.

"My assignments take me to the top surf spots all over the world," says Surfer Magazine staff photographer Zak Noyle. "So it's imperative that my equipment is ready for any challenge. The LaCie Rugged's speed allows me to deliver projects quickly, and its resilience to water, sand and drops make me confident that my photos are protected. From the beaches of Oahu to Tahiti, the LaCie Rugged has never let me down."

As the LaCie Rugged hard drive has Thunderbolt as well as USB 3.0 interfaces, it can be used by both PC and Mac customers. USB 3.0 is backward compatible, which means that users can connect the latest LaCie Rugged to any standard computer.

The company says that the hard drive is even tougher and has improved dust, water and shock resistance. The LaCie Rugged hard drive is MIL-compliant, which makes the stored data in the device safe even if it is dropped from a height of two meters or 6.6 feet. The LaCie Rugged also comes with a removable cover. When the cover is attached it makes the device dust and water resistant to IP 54 durability standard.

Users of the LaCie Rugged can ship the hard drive with ease of mind as the confidential data in the hard drive is protected with AES 256-bit encryption.

The hard drive maker announced that the latest LaCie Rugged will be available in 1TB ($219.99) and 2TB ($299.99) versions, which will hit the shelves in mid-June. LaCie will also introduce the hard drive with 250GB SSD ($299.99) and 500GB SSD ($499.99) capacities in mid-July.

To attract customers, LaCie has also increased the warranty of the hard drives from two to three years. Customers also have the option to purchase warranty upgrades from the company's official website.

Check out the video of the LaCie Rugged hard drive in action.

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