Stephen Colbert will make his return to television next Tuesday taking over for David Letterman as the new host of The Late Show on CBS. However, you can find Colbert on your smartphone right now.

The funnyman is the new voice of the Waze app, providing drivers information about traffic and navigation. Colbert's voice commands will be available in Waze from now until Sept. 22. Users can select Colbert as the narrator of their driving directions within the app's settings.

Whether or not you plan on listening to the smooth stylings of Colbert's voice through Waze, the short video below demonstrating The Late Show host's voice in the app is well worth your time. During a not-so-realistic-looking drive to work, Colbert reveals that he uses Waze to help him easily get to the post office, tattoo parlor and tattoo removal clinic. He also shows us how he uses the app without removing his hands from the wheel. Safety first, kids.

Speaking of TV stars, Waze will bring the voice of Neil Patrick Harris to the app in the lead-up to the premiere of his new variety show Best Time Ever on Sept. 15 on NBC. Users can also select the voice of New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski to help drivers navigate the roads. Along the way, Gronk, ever the iced coffee lover, will also point out Dunkin' Donuts locations users can visit.

Watch how Colbert drives with the Waze app in the video below.

Via: CBS; PR Newswire

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