Spoilers ahead: You know the drill. Don't look if you don't want to know.

Then again, this little nugget was first published on StarWars.com, the franchise's official website, so how spoiler-y could it be?

As first noticed by StarWars7News.com, the Star Wars Databank (Lucasfim's official online encyclopedia) has a new listing for "Starkiller Base." That's the name of the wintry base of operations for the First Order, the new evil militia that appears to be intent on picking up where the Empire left off.

However, everything we've seen about the First Order suggests that they're an army with smaller resources than the Empire had at its disposal. Despite this, they're considered a big enough threat that the former Rebel Alliance is forced to reconvene and dub themselves the Resistance.

So, what does the First Order have in its arsenal that has the rest of the galaxy quaking in its collective boots?

According to the listing on StarWars.com, "Starkiller Base" is more than just a cool-sounding name. Turns out, it's a literal one. From the Star Wars Databank:

An ice planet converted into a stronghold of the First Order and armed with a fiercely destructive new weapon capable of destroying entire star systems.

Imagine a weapon that could destroy the sun. Aside from the terrifying might of something that could eradicate an entire star, think of what would happen to us and all the other planets orbiting that star. If something made the sun go supernova, the size of the explosion would wipe out the entire solar system. If it were somehow merely extinguished, Earth would die without a source of heat and light. Not to mention the lack of anything to orbit. All the other planets would go along with it.

The First Order may have inherited some of its armaments from the Empire, but there are no more Death Stars. Yet somehow, the Order has managed to create or get its hands on something even more powerful, something with the ability to destroy a star and its solar system.

A Starkiller.

For the threat to be real, the First Order will have to give a "demonstration" of this weapon's power. So, you can bet it'll be used on a star system at some point in The Force Awakens.

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