A homeopathy conference in Germany ended in chaos after a group suffered hallucinations and other symptoms after taking an LSD-like drug.

About 29 men and women who were 24 to 56 years old were found staggering around, rolling in the grass, experiencing cramps and talking gibberish in a hotel in Handeloh. After over 150 medical staff and police were called to the scene, the healing practitioners were taken to hospitals and were all still too unwell at the time to be questioned. However, after urine and blood samples were tested, it was revealed that all of those affected had Aquarust or 2C-E in their system.

It was not clear if the drug was given to the conference participants as a prank or they willingly took 2C-E as part of an experiment, although experts are slightly skeptical that those affected had knowingly taken the hallucinogen.

"One has to assume that people were not told about the substance, its effects and risks before taking it," said Torsten Passie from the German commission on narcotics.

The drug has been illegal in Germany since 2014 but as the investigation is still ongoing, no one has been arrested yet for violating the country's Narcotics Act.

The Association of German Healing Practitioners represents homeopaths and naturopaths, but it quickly distanced itself from the incident, saying that none of its representatives were affected and reiterating that events like that will not be tolerated by the association.

"The Association of German Healing Practitioners detests such misdemeanors," said a spokesperson for the association, as the incident in Handeloh has gravely damaged the image they want to project for alternative medicine.

According to FRANK, the British Government's drug advisory service, 2C-E is a hallucinogenic stimulant and psychedelic that features effects crossing LSD and ecstasy. Anyone who takes it will experience a buzz and a feeling of being "in tune with their surroundings." It is also possible for the drug to induce hypersensitivity to smells and colors, hallucinations and sexual arousal, effects that grow more uncontrollable as dosages increase.

According to the National Center for Homeopathy, homeopathy is a safe and natural way of healing that complements the body's own processes to relieve symptoms and improve overall health.

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