As Apple launches its newest mobile operating system, users from all over the world are understandably excited to install and try out iOS 9.

However, reports claim that downloading problems are being experienced by users, forcing them to wait before they can get their hands on the new mobile operating system.

Over the first hour of the release, users received pop-up notifications stating "software update failed" when they tried to download the operating system. Tech news website Computerworld confirms the reports, claiming to have seen the error occur over several Apple devices running on iOS 8.

However, after waiting for an hour and several repeated attempts, users were finally able to successfully start the download of iOS 9.

Apple news website 9to5Mac also says that the over-the-air update issues for iOS 9 were most likely due to massive server load as opposed to a delayed release, which is what Apple announced for the watchOS 2 for its Apple Watch.

In addition to the failed software update notification, some users report they only see iOS 8.4.1 as the latest option for the operating system, with nothing showing up to signify that the update to iOS 9 is available.

As with all major over-the-air releases, 9to5Mac notes that users should remain patient as iOS 9 rolls out to give Apple's servers time to catch up with what is surely massive demand for the company's latest mobile operating system.

A similar issue occurred last year when Apple rolled out iOS 8, as users encountered difficulties in downloading the mobile operating system. However, the main reason for the difficulties was the large size of the over-the-air update at 4.58GB. In comparison, the iOS 9 over-the-air update only requires a 1GB download.

Among the things that users can expect once the update to iOS 9 is complete include the new News app, a vastly improved Siri, performance enhancements, battery life improvements and smaller packages for updates.

The iPad also receives a host of multitasking features, including a split screen feature that allows two apps to open at once on the same screen on the recently unveiled iPad Pro.

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