Danny Elfman's theme song for Batman: The Animated Series may just be the most epic opening to any animated series ever. Like many of Elfman's compositions, the piece is dark, sweeping and brooding. It oozes melancholy underneath its heroic overtone. All in all, the theme is the perfect complement to an opening that shows The Dark Knight taking down some bad guys lurking in the shadows before standing watch over Gotham, the sinister city he has vowed to protect.

So you would think that an a cappella version of this classic theme song would be inappropriately light and peppy. That is surprisingly not the case.

Comic Book Resources recently uncovered an a cappella version of the Batman: The Animated Series theme song from the YouTube channel Triforcefilms, and it manages to retain the doom and gloom of the original, and with no instruments to boot. Like many YouTube videos of a cappella covers, singer Mr. Dooves accomplishes the mind-blowing task of performing every part of the song himself. The video of this rendition of the theme song also features Mr. Dooves dressed up like the Caped Crusader, so you've got to applaud that extra bit of effort as well.

This cover is part of Triforcefilms' "Saturday Morning Acapella" series on YouTube, which features a new a cappella cover of a Saturday morning cartoon every Saturday morning. Some other theme songs to animated series that have received the a cappella treatment from Triforcefilms include DuckTales (a-woo-ooh), Pokemon and Inspector Gadget.

Check out the full Batman: The Animated Series theme a cappella cover below, and then head over to Triforcefilms' YouTube channel for even more a cappella awesomeness.

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