Three decades ago, teenager Marty McFly, who was played by Michael J. Fox, stepped into a time-traveling car and ended up in Oct. 21, 2015. With the date fast approaching, sadly, we still do not have self-tying shoes or hoverboards (although we are coming close to it!). However, what we do have is this official short starring none other than Christopher Lloyd himself as the one and only Doc Brown.

The short video which was uploaded onto YouTube as an official teaser for the upcoming Blu-Ray re-release of Back to the Future. The new boxed set will include a new short film entitled, Doc Brown Saves The World!

According to reports, not much is known about the new mini movie. The only thing that is known for certain is that Doc Brown is back, and Christopher Lloyd does not miss a beat portraying the lovable, bumbling, eccentric scientist he made famous in all of the Back to the Future movies.

Although he only appears in about 20 seconds out of the 48-second teaser, Doc Brown appears to be perplexed by an experiment he is conducting in his lab.

As seen in the video, the Doc emerges from a snazzy looking car, perhaps another decked out time machine, and looks around his laboratory. He looks down at some sort of device he is holding and sets it to something called, “Audio Visual Tracking.”

Certainly Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is not giving us much clues to go by. But as just one of the many celebrations planned for the upcoming special day in the Back to the Future Universe, Doc Brown's new adventure is most definitely one of the best reasons to grab the Blu-Ray Disc set when it is released on Oct. 21, 2015.

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