Fans of DC Comics' Justice League can officially celebrate now: Cartoon Network recently confirmed rumors that the network plans on creating a new Justice League animated series that will premiere sometime next year.

About a month ago, these rumors initially surfaced when someone visited the Cartoon Network offices: that person took a photo of a wall of posters featuring the network's future program line-up. One of those images was a blue poster with silhouettes of familiar Justice League characters (such as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman) and the text "JLA."

That photo appeared on Reddit, which began speculation about a possible new series on the network.

Today, though, Cartoon Network Canada confirmed with World's Finest Online that the new Justice League animated series was in production and that it would premiere in the fall of 2016. As most Cartoon Network series usually air later in Canada than in the U.S., it's possible the series will arrive sooner in the states.

Of course, there are no other details about the new Justice League animated series, but based on the franchise's history, pretty much any superhero in the DC universe could turn up on the series at any time (almost all of DC's superheroes have some connection to the Justice League).

Going by the poster, though, it's likely the initial team will feature the usual: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Firestorm, either Hawkgirl or Hawkman (it's unclear which of those two characters grace the poster) and other as-of-yet unidentified characters.

The Justice League is a team of superheroes originally created for DC Comics back in 1960. The original members included Wonder Woman, Superman, the Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, the Flash, Aquaman and Batman. However, throughout the years, that roster has changed and grown, including other popular DC superheroes, such as Green Arrow, the Atom, Hawkman, Firestorm, Zatanna and Hawkgirl.

The most recent Justice League animated series was Justice League Unlimited, which aired on the Cartoon Network from 2004 to 2006, with re-runs airing through 2014. That series, which was a continuation of the 2001-2004 Justice League series on Cartoon Network, should arrive on Blu-Ray soon.

This new Justice League animated series premieres just after the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film in March, 2016: that movie - which features Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman - will lay the groundwork for a future Justice League film.

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