Internet Cat Sensation Lil' Bub To Release An Album


The Internet has been a suitable medium for anyone trying to raise popularity and awareness and it doesn't stop with humans. Lil Bub, the feline phenomenon famous for her distinct appearance due to a jaw defect, announced on Oct.7 that she is releasing her very own full-length album.

The much-awaited album from the extraordinary feline is titled Science & Magic: A Soundtrack to the Universe and will be released on Dec. 4 but can be preordered right now. Of course, Lil Bub is not the type to do things without reason because it was also revealed that 25 percent of the net profits will be given to Lil Bub's American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) fund for pets with special needs nationwide. That way, Lil Bub's supporters don't just get to listen to the unique music the four-year-old feline composed through her musical vessels and buddies, Mike and Matt, they also help other animals in need through her.

Lil Bub's most recent appearances are on the "Run the Jewels" remix album called "Meow the Jewels" and a the music video of "Star Party Animal" which was a collaboration with Andrew W.K.. "Listening to these songs is the sonic equivalent to holding Lil Bub in your own arms" said her frequent collaborator.

Science & Magic may be Lil Bub's full length album but ii is not the first time she's sending out proceeds to ASPCA. The helpful kitty offers a variety of products with her likeness on the Lil Bub website. She has also raised over $300,000 in collaboration with ASPCA to help out as many animals in need as she can.

Before her rise to fame, Lil Bub was a "resident" of a tool shed in rural Indiana. Her several health anomalies prompted humans to rescue her. Lil Bub looks very young but she is actually a "perma-kitten" and was diagnosed with an extreme case of dwarfism, which means that she will remain kitten-sized and retain her kitten features her whole life. In spite of all that, Lil Bub remains optimistic.

Watch the making of Lil Bub's album below.

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