Apple now has more reasons to brag about its iPhone 6s, thanks to a 4K video shootout pitting the smartphone against a Nikon DSLR.

While iPhones have received plenty of criticism over the years for lagging behind rivals and sticking too long with 8-megapixel cameras, the latest iPhone 6s clearly makes up for it. The new-generation model ups the pixel count to 12 megapixels and rocks 4K video shooting capabilities for higher-quality footage.

Not many would think to compare the smartphone's camera to a DSLR, but at least one person did — and the results are quite exciting. Though the iPhone 6s may not stand a chance against the Nikon D750 in still photographs, a 4K video shooting comparison is a different matter.

YouTuber Lee Morris from Fstoppers decided to compare the iPhone 6s to the Nikon D750 in a 4K video shootout and concluded that Apple's latest flagship actually beats the DSLR when it comes to capturing stunning and detailed footage.

That's not to say that the Nikon D750 is no good — the DSLR definitely packs a punch for its price and this test was conducted in optimal conditions that allowed the iPhone 6s to truly shine. The results may not be the same in low-light environments. Morris himself points out that the footage in this shootout was captured under ideal lighting conditions — suggesting that the Nikon D750 would likely be a better choice in other circumstances with less-than-ideal lighting. The iPhone 6s is not better than a DSLR — but that's not the point.

The results of this shootout are impressive because they show how far smartphone cameras have come. An increasing number of smartphones now pack powerful cameras even if they have mid-range specs otherwise, allowing users to capture quality photos on the go without the need to carry a separate camera.

Many smartphones still don't offer 4K video shooting yet, but the trend is on the rise. The iPhone 6s is the first smartphone in Apple's lineup to shoot video in 4K, but the company apparently nailed it on the first try. Without further ado, check out the video below to get a better idea of this iPhone 6s vs. Nikon D750 4K video shootout.

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