George Lucas may not be as involved in the “Star Wars” universe as before, but the legacy he left on that galaxy far, far away will continue to attract fans for generations. That is why it is only fitting that the iconic filmmaker is opening up his own museum in Chicago to showcase his collection of “Star Wars” props, memorabilia and original art, including pieces by Norman Rockwell.

Chicago might seem like a strange place for Lucas to set up his museum, especially since his roots are firmly in California, but the Windy City proved to be the ideal destination in the end. Chicago put together a task force to pitch the idea to Lucas, which includes highlights such as a close proximity to public transportation and green energy.

"This is a milestone for the city," Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said on Tuesday once the decision was finalized, according to CNN. "This is a tremendous opportunity for the city."

The exact site in Chicago is on the lakefront on what is called the city’s “Museum Campus.” The area is also home to the Shedd Aquarium, Alder Planetarium and the Field Museum of Natural History. According to a press release, the museum will be a "gathering place to experience narrative art and the evolution of the visual image -- from illustration to cinema to digital arts.”

"No other museum like this exists in the world, making it a tremendous educational, cultural and job creation asset for all Chicagoans, as well as an unparalleled draw for international tourists," Mayor Emanuel said.

In a news release, Lucas himself said that Chicago was the "right decision for the museum, but a difficult decision for me personally because of my strong personal and professional roots in San Francisco."

There may be new “Star Wars” movies on the horizon, but Lucas will merely be a creative consultant on those projects. After the director sold Lucasfilm to Disney in 2012, he decided to step away from the franchise he loved to embark upon other pursuits, with the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art being chief among them.

The final plans for the construction of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will be decided upon this fall.

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