Celebrities are no exception to being sentimental on Thursdays when most people post their "Throwback Thursday" photos with the #tbt hashtag. This week, actress Jewel Staite brought back some memories when she posted her #tbt photo on Instagram.

In the photo, Staite was dressed as Captain Mal in a web series when she was four months pregnant.

What was with the cosplay as Serenity's captain anyway?

It's not exactly your usual cosplay because the photo showed Staite playing her role in the Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk-created web series "Con Man." "Con Man" isn't like any other studio-produced show. It was crowd-funded via Indiegogo, where over $3.1 million was raised to make the show possible.

The premise of the show is too close to reality as Fillon and Tudyk portray Jack Moore and Wray Nerely, actors who starred in a sci-fi show that was quickly cancelled by its home network. However, it became a beloved cult classic. While Jack Moore goes on to have a successful career despite the cancellation, Nerely ends up attending convention after convention dressed as his character but this does not satisfy him and does nothing to improve his career. The series goes on to explore the misadventures of the two actors as they go from one event to the next.

Con Man - Preview from Con Man Web Series on Vimeo.

The web series held a panel at the 2015 New York Comic Convention (NYCC) and was released on Vimeo on Sept. 30 where all 12 episodes can be viewed for $14.99.

What makes "Con Man" so close to reality? For those who are not too familiar with the duo, Fillon and Tudyk worked together in the sci-fi series "Firefly" as Captain Mal and pilot Hoban "Wash" Washburne. The show consisted of only one season with 14 episodes. Fox cancelled the series, believing that it was not a hit with fans. However, fans loved the show and it later became a cult classic.

It's no surprise, though, because creator Joss Whedon was the main man behind the show after stepping away from another hit TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and its spinoff "Angel." Despite fans feeling uncertain over the series when it was first announced, Whedon went on to prove that "Firefly" is a series worth watching and that he has a lot more to offer apart from doctoring other writers' scripts and making proper contributions to the Vampire mythos on screen.

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