Be prepared to feel like an artist in January because DC Comics has finally given a preview of the covers for the adult coloring books it planned to release. The covers and coloring books will feature uncolored lineart by the likes of Andy Smith, Scott Kolins, Emanuela Lupacchino, Andy Kuhn, Timothy Green, Freddie Williams and many more.

Adult coloring books have been all the craze as of late and, truth be told, the finely detailed linearts in each page are not for the weak of heart and DC is not planning on letting adults have it easy as its own product features very detailed art. DC just makes the suffering more bearable and somewhat fun since adults will be coloring the likenesses of their iconic heroes, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and even groups such as the Justice League and Teen Titans, among others. We can only imagine how much black and gray crayons or colored pencils are needed to finish a Batman coloring book.

Take note that DC is not just releasing one coloring book per iconic hero or heroine because, in the month of January alone, DC is set to release 25 variants. Yes, 25 adult coloring books, which means hours and hours of coloring very detailed linearts of superheroes in action. Wonder Woman fighting the bad guys and being the awesome Amazonian she is, Deathstroke moving about as glasses shatter, things explode and buildings crumble around him, Aquaman facing various creatures with his trusty trident, the complete Justice League preparing to go into battle, and other scenarios that would certainly make your head spin and your inner fanboy or fangirl scream in excitement.

Of course, if an adult coloring book is too difficult or you don't have too much patience for it, there's always the free printable coloring pages ready to print in the DC website.

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