Bear cams in Alaska let you spy on nature


If you want to watch thrilling displays of reality, you may want to consider giving up on your television and heading to your computer because the folks at Katmai National Park in Alaska have set up several live cameras to display the lives of the park's brown bears.

Some of these cameras are placed low to capture what's happening at the water's level, while some are placed high up to show an entire scene. There are cameras right on the water to see the fish swim or set up above to watch the bears hunt. Some cameras even show water falls and river banks just outside flowing waters. In such spots, these webcams can capture the park's brown bears drinking water, catching salmon or just walking along. It's oddly captivating to watch these bears do their thing.

This is the third year that Katmai National Park has set up these cameras. The various live streams have gotten millions of views as nature lovers and curious watchers tune in to see the lives of bears in Alaska.

Katmai's park ranger, Roy Wood, originally set up the webcams himself, but after hitting both technical and financial difficulties, he turned to Annenberg Foundation and the site for assistance. Now several cameras are up and running, capturing bears living typical bear lives. has dozens of webcams focused on all different animals, including snow owls in Alaska, osprey birds in Maine, penguins in a habitat in California, honey bees in Bavaria, bison in Saskatchewan, beluga whales in Manitoba, the marine life of a reef in the Cayman islands, a service dog facility in Massachusetts and even a kitten rescue camera in Los Angeles.

Charles Annenberg Weingarten of the Annenberg Foundation has been setting up these webcams in parks and other facilities all over the world to provide people a real look at nature. Currently, there are 75 cameras on four continents with plans to double the number of cameras and spread to other continents in the next year. also focuses on non-nature material, with documentaries of non-profit work around the world, some highlighting non-profits that received grant money from the Annenberg Foundation.

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