Bungie's ambitious shooter Destiny is shaping up nicely with an alpha recently wrapping up and a beta coming soon on July 17. With that in mind, the developer powerhouse that brought the world Halo has unveiled the collector's edition for its hotly anticipated sci-fi adventure, and it comes complete with a talking replica of your in-game AI companion, voiced by Peter Dinklage.

That's right, that Peter Dinklage, also known as Tyrion Lannister, also known as everyone's favorite "Game of Thrones" character. Now, in his little robot form named "Ghost," you can hear him whisper sweet nothings into your ear whenever you want, but you will probably be too busy playing Destiny to listen.

A talking robot companion doesn't come cheap, however. The Destiny "Ghost" Edition, as they are calling it, will set you back $149.99 and also comes with a variety of other goodies, ranging from a steel game case, an antique star chart and postcards from the "Golden Age." It will also include in-game content as well, most notably an expansion pass that will grant you access to the game's first two expansion packs, valued at $34.99.

Both expansions, titled "The Dark Below" and "House of Wolves," include new story missions, cooperative activities, multiplayer arenas, and new weapons, armor and gear for players to acquire.

Players will venture into an ancient tomb in "The Dark Below," where an ancient dark god has risen an army. You, of course, will be tasked with stopping the darkness and surviving the encounter. No word yet on when the expnasion's will be hitting the market.

Don't fret if you can't afford the "Ghost" edition; a cheaper limited edition of the game comes with all of the above minus the robot replica, and if you are tired of buying discs there is the digital edition that comes with the game, the expansion pass, and some exclusive emblems skins. Of course you can always opt to buy the regular $60 version of the game when it ships on September 9.

Gamers had a good laugh listening to Dinklage in the Destiny alpha, where gamers criticized much of his dialogue for seeming boring and even unintentionally funny, giving rise to the now infamous line "That wizard came from the moon."

Bungie took notice and is bringing Dinklage back to the recording booth before the game ships in order to make sure Dinklage's dialogue is no laughing matter. Hopefully that means the lines of dialogue spoken by your "Ghost" replica will also be improved. For $150, it better be.

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