BlackBerry received an award for design of smartphone devices, an acclaim the Canadian company desperately needs at a time when sales in the United States is down.

The company is focusing on its business in the international arena, with stronger sales in Asian and European markets. These markets, interestingly enough, are where the devices that received Red Dot awards for design can be purchased.

The company reportedly announced that three of its smartphone devices received the design awards. The handsets included the Z30, Q10 and Q5 models, which offer sleek, colorful options for those interested in the trendiest of hardware. The BlackBerry devices were chosen from a pool of almost 5,000 entries from more than 50 countries. There were 40 members on the panel that judged the devices. Winners were chosen based on "quality and innovative strength."

This is good news for a company that once held prominence, even in the U.S., for smartphones. The company has a unique, patented keyboard design and now has a tablet with the same look and feel of the traditional phone.

The Red Dot committee will distribute the awards to the winners, who will be recognized at the annual Red Dot Gala and Designers' Night in Germany. Winners will also be featured in a special exhibition at the Red Dot Museum from July 8 to August 3.

The company also announced that the BlackBerry operations in India will be providing systems for healthcare to easily connect the many devices that hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers use in the Asian country. The platform will reportedly launch with support via partnership with NantHealth, which reports from a few months ago indicate.

There is no official launch date for the healthcare platform in India. However, they are engaging trials at select hospitals in the country. Indian healthcare facilities are expected to purchase even more medical technology this year over last.

BlackBerry was founded in the 1980s and helped ignite the revolution in handheld devices and smartphones. It quickly faced stiff competition from giants in the tech industry like Samsung, Google, Apple, HTC and others.

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