General Motors (GM) is hesitant to recall around 1.8 million vehicles that are believed to cause break failure due to corrosion.

GM has been surrounded with recall issues and the company has already recalled around 26 million vehicles in 2014 due to several issues. However, the company is resisting recalling about 1.8 million of its full-sized pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles (SUV) over safety issues linked to the braking system.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is said to be investigating into the break line corrosion issue since 2011, which has affected vehicle models made between 1999 and 2003. NHTSA has received 26 crash reports, 3 injuries and 10 instances when drivers of the vehicle had to steer the vehicle to another lane or off the road to avoid potential collision. Reports suggest that the number of complaints pertaining to rusted brake line may reach up to 1,000.

NHTSA also points out that most of the customers, who have complained about the rusted brake line of GM cars, are located in areas that use a lot of salt on its roads during winters.

Reports suggest that some of the company's full-sized pickup trucks are equipped with steel brake lines, which are extremely susceptible to rust. Owners say that the brakes in some GM vehicles spill fluid and fail without notice, which can lead to an accident.

In response, GM is claiming that the rust is a result of normal wear and tear and owners of the cars should be responsible to conduct maintenance when required. Previously, GM also pointed out that rusting brake line is a problem faced by the entire auto industry and not just by GM.  

"Brake line wear on vehicles is a maintenance issue that affects the auto industry, not just General Motors. The trucks in question are long out of factory warranty, and owners' manuals urge customers to have their brake lines inspected the same way brake pads need replacement for wear," per a statement issued by GM.

Some market observers believe that even though GM is recalling millions of vehicles for investigation, the company is hesitant to recall that involves more money.

An investigation into the rusted brake line was prompted by the NHTSA after an Ohio man complained in 2010. The owner of the 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 heavy-duty pickup truck claims that the brakes of the vehicle failed due to rusted brake lines.

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