Top 5 Best Remote Support Software In 2019

24 January 2019, 6:49 pm EST By Jane Johnson Tech Times

Remote support software is a must-have tool for any organization providing technical assistance to customers, end-users, or employees scattered across wide geographic regions. Remote support software can eliminate unnecessary travel costs and significantly level up your customer service by allowing helpdesk technicians to connect to remote computers or servers and perform numerous IT tasks from any location. 

Looking for the right remote support solution for your business? Here's our list of top 5 best remote support software that will help boost up your IT department's performance and increase customer satisfaction.

1. TeamViewer

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Having teams or office branches from other parts of the planet has never been made easier with TeamViewer. It is the world's number one brand for remote connectivity by creating a speedy and secure global network making global workspaces easy to manage.

Using a 3G connection or any other better internet connection options, Teamviewer offers easy and secure remote desktop access from anywhere in the globe using a modern smartphone. It allows screensharing on iOS devices or in any Android devices ideal for supporting employees using their own devices or office-provided devices.

Working with Teamviewer is like sitting right next to customers and employees who are working from separate places. With its 256Bit AES encryption and ISO27001 certified data centers, customer support is made easier and safer even with the bulk of support sessions on the platform.

Its Augmented Reality solution enables clients to fix issues such as troubleshooting, problem resolution, and product setup on-site anywhere, everywhere. This is made possible with on-screen visual directions using tags and voice prompts.

2. ConnectWise

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Efficiency, real growth, impressive level of involvement with partners — these are just a few praises by Reese Ormand, Techvera CEO and a client of ConnectWise who lauded the product for creating rippling benefits to his business.

ConnectWise understands the challenges that comes with starting a business and being an entrepreneur. It aims to create lasting partnership by delivering the tools and guiding clients in every single aspect of their business.

ConnectWise Control is a remote control and remote access software that delivers instant connectivity, flexible plans, and secure access in your data.

3. FixMe.IT

FixMe.IT provides a fast and easy-to-use remote support solution at a reasonable price. The application allows connecting to both on-demand and unattended computers. Configured computers or servers can be easily and securely accessed at any point, in any environment. With minimal downtime recorded during the past years, FixMe.IT is a highly reliable tool that's also compliant with today's major industry regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR and PCI, and uses the latest industry-standard protocols for data encryption and authentication.

FixMe.IT offers a monthly plan, which costs $30 per seat and $300 per seat for an annual plan, letting a customer save up to $60. Seats refer to the number of techs that can use FixMe.IT simultaneously.

The seat can be used to support an unlimited number of on-demand computers and manage up to 150 unattended machines. It also allows running an unlimited number of simultaneous support sessions as well as controlling multiple remote desktops at once. Other key features include drag-and-drop file transfer, auto reboot & reconnect, video recording, and much more.

FixMe.IT has also received the Highest Rated status on Gartner's Capterra based on overall customer satisfaction. According to independent user reviews, the application's ease of use, cost-effective pricing, and reliability are among its key advantages.

4. Dameware

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Dameware is an uncomplicated and budget-friendly software that supports Windows 10 and TLS 1.2 Protocol. It provides remote desktop support that allows users to remotely control desktop and remotely support end-users in real-time basis. It has remote session tools that allows one to perform remote administration tasks on Windows servers and workstations. Managing numerous administration tasks is possible with just one Dameware Remote Support (DRS) console.

Its multifactor authentication feature adds an extra layer of security using a Smart Card and PIN from a local system as well as remote IT administration networks. It facilitates active directory management from one console, and has a Help Desk Integration feature aimed to automate and simplify help desk and IT support tasks.

Dameware Remote support is a remote control and system management tool in one package with price per license that starts from $380 up to $295. It has continued to receive positive reviews with a 4/5 overall rating from TechValidate.

Dameware Mini Remote Control is an affordable remote control software that assists customers in their help desk needs. Its price per license starts at $270 up to $195. Licensed products are entitled to one year of maintenance in a 24/7 basis in upgrading products.

5. Kaseya

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Kaseya provides essential IT management software that allows MSPs or Internal IT teams to implement comprehensive solutions and collaborate to promote efficiency and accuracy. It is designed to provide the right information and directs users to priorities they should focus on. In turn, these functions allow businesses to save time, money, and optimum service to its customers.

Kaseya VSA (Remote Monitoring and Management) is designed to solve problems and improve the team's efficiency with policy-based automation with proactive remediation. VSA hopes to resolve issues and maintain security and backup integrations in one platform.

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