Top 5 Best AWS Security Services in 2019

9 February 2019, 2:44 pm EST By Eric Hamilton Tech Times

Cloud computing is spreading its wings everywhere. Being cost-effective and secure, it is drawing companies in large numbers to store their data. Among the different players offering data storage cloud computing services, Amazon Web Services aka AWS features in the list of market leaders.

It enjoys a large user base, and AWS cloud security is one big reason that has made AWS such a big hit among businesses. The high-grade security system followed by AWS ensures foolproof data and network protection, thereby making it a completely secure web service. Adding more power to AWS are security services that offer security support to AWS. So here is checking out the five best and top-class AWS security services that will be winning hearts in 2019.

1. CloudSploit

(Photo : CloudSploit)

CloudSploit was founded by Matthew Fuller in 2015 to provide automatic security and configuration monitoring to AWS users. A seasoned software professional, he has worked in the AWS field for more than seven years dealing with pentesting, web application security, network, and cloud security. He has been privy to the issues arising out of heavy use of AWS accounts and therefore came up with CloudSploit to solve the issues. He was also motivated to reach out to the community and provide a robust monitoring solution that will plug the loopholes, if any, in the configuration of AWS infrastructure.

Later joined by Josh Rosenthal, a technical, customer-facing veteran in the cybersecurity industry, CloudSploit has been dramatically gaining in popularity and notoriety as the leading open source solution in the cloud security niche because of their low-cost, high-value positioning.

Headquartered outside of Washington DC, CloudSploit has an enviable record in protecting thousands of cloud environments. It has been producing millions of scan results every day for users that range from a newbie and expert hobbyists to mid-size companies and even several notable multi-national corporations. It has been successful in keeping away attackers and preventing malware from sneaking into cloud infrastructure environments. It works continuously to detect threats and recommends solutions to sort out the issues and secure the account.

So how does CloudSploit do this complex task? As noted by Jeff Barr, chief evangelist for AWS, CloudSploit is open source. Experts from around the world add to its effectiveness based upon actual threats and experienced challenges the AWS security system faces. From there, the CloudSploit team makes it extremely easy to use, alleviating users from needing any specialized knowledge or infrastructure to maintain. Even a new user can set it up in under two minutes and start working.

It runs wholly in a browser and also gives remediation advice for the issues it finds. There is no limit to the number of users who can share a CloudSploit account, and thus, the security reports and related information can be shared with team members and other stakeholders throughout an organization. The risk counts and new findings post-scan are delivered to the user through API, integrations into Slack, Splunk, email, and CSV reports and can be retained on the system for future auditing. Thoroughly customizable, customers can even write their own private tests in keeping with one's personal needs to get personalized results.

The user is completely at ease while using CloudSploit and the search feature lets one search for specific resources, tests, or keywords in different accounts and reports. Most importantly, there are several auditing tools that keep users aware of the areas that need attention. A user can get alerts about expiring SSL certificates, IAM users that are at risk, exposed S3 buckets, and much more. CloudSploit also maps its security controls to compliance programs, such as HIPAA and PCI.

Overall, CloudSploit is a competent AWS security service and covers all the necessary chapters that form the AWS security book. It is truly an affordable, effective, and future-ready AWS security service that would give peace of mind to anyone responsible for security and help developers focus on their core work. The best part is that the free option runs the same security tests as the paid subscriptions, which offer many conveniences.

"Being the engineers preferred solution and being budget-friendly for users at every size puts [CloudSploit] in an enviable position," says Rosenthal. "We've achieved this via community, customer focus, simplicity, automation, and especially good karma." (CloudSploit offers free use of their paid services to startups and do-gooders. See

2. Intelligent Discovery

(Photo : IDSolution)

Intelligent Discovery is a SaaS-based AWS security software from LDAPTIVE, LLC that was founded in 2014. With headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina, the company has been one of the flag bearers of innovation and efficiency in the field of AWS security.

Intelligent Discovery is a comprehensive AWS security assessment tool that alerts users about security threats through email or internal ticketing synchronization or enterprise ticketing. It also automates security management and deploys the highest security benchmarks of the industry for the same. It identifies the vulnerable areas and consolidates the history of the threats. It deploys a very focused approach to reporting violations of security control and cyber risks. Personalized security checks, based on specific reports and alerts, are executed to resolve the issues, and the user can view the actions and the corresponding results in the interface. Auditing is done using the CIS standards on an hourly basis, and being integrated with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0, Intelligent Discovery works like a charm, enhancing speed and efficiency of the security framework multiple times.

So if one is looking for a smart and sleek AWS security software to safeguard one's cloud environment, then this offering from LDAPTIVE, LLC fits the bill from every angle.

3. Netskope

(Photo : Netskope)

Netskope was founded in 2014 by Sanjay Beri, Lebin Cheng, Ravi Ithal, and Krishna Narayanaswamy. Based in Los Altos, California, it offers AWS cloud security solution to companies across the globe, and its client list has names such as Airbnb, Ross, Sempra Energy, Juniper Networks, New York Life, and many more.

Netskope makes use of indigenous, patented Cloud XD technology to detect and regulate cloud service activities, which results in foolproof data and threat protection every second. The software works in four ways. It removes the blind spots by empowering the user with info about suspicious activity and the weapon to tackle it with. It also safeguards data 24/7 with the inbuilt protection mechanism that keeps a tab on the flow of data regardless of the location or the device. Netskope carries defenses in multiple layers as well as remedial measures to eliminate the attacks from hackers and cyber criminals. Most importantly, it gives the user complete control over the cloud and environment by consolidating both on a single platform.

So if one wants a credible and all-inclusive AWS security service for one's work, one can rely on Netskope for excellent results. Before signing up, one can request a free demo to check out the performance.

4. Redlock

(Photo : RedLock)

The journey of RedLock began in 2015 in Menlo Park, California, when four friends came together to devise a security solution for the cloud computing ecosystem. RedLock was developed to secure the highly vulnerable cloud network, and today it is trusted by names such as Veeva, Bevy, Informatica, Genpact, Wiley, Mattress Firm, Relativity, Axfood, and more to secure their cloud framework.

Recipient of several prestigious awards, RedLock offers a comprehensive protection package that monitors the security datasets, including network traffic, activities of users, risky configurations, hosts, and other aspects from tip to toe. It detects threats, manages the vulnerable spots, assures compliance with the set security standards, and thus ensures security at every stage of operation. What sets RedLock apart from other AWS security services is its AI (artificial intelligence) driven approach that covers the fragmented cloud environment in the most competent manner. It brings together everything under one umbrella, building a fortress around the datasets so that nothing can stay out of its inspection purview.

So if one wants a super strong and feature-rich AWS cloud platform, then RedLock is an option to look forward to. It will prove to be a "value for money" solution and begin to give results soon after the operation.

5. Armor 

(Photo : Armor)

Chris Drake founded Armor in 2009 with the motive of providing a simple cloud security solution to companies across the globe. The intention was to eliminate the complexity out of cybersecurity and make it simple and manageable, which it has succeeded in doing over the last ten years. Armor is an easy-to-use and strong cloud security solution fitted with features that detect, eliminate, and prevent the security issues with great skill. A member of AWS partner network, it gives real-time transparency and control through the Armor Management Portal (AMP) where the user can view A to Z of data under the scanner of Armor. It also ensures AWS HIPAA and PCI compliance, the gold standards for AWS security.

True to its name, Armor is really like armor for the cloud environment of a business and keeps it safe from malware, hackers, and other cyber threats. It helps to save resources and enhances productivity by ensuring security at all points.

So if one is looking for complete freedom from security worries in order to pay attention to the core work, then one can rely on Armor for the same. It will prove to be the perfect protection for any AWS user.

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