Top 5 Best Time Management Software in 2019

5 April 2019, 11:53 am EDT By Eric Hamilton Tech Times

They say "time is money," and though it is true for everyone, it is most befitting for businesses, especially those that operate in the services industry. The neck-to-neck competition and the huge number of players in the sector make it imperative for these businesses to value time and treat it the way one treats money, i.e., with great care.

While businesses understand this very well and try to do their best, they do lose count of time that mars their growth and gains. However, it is easy to avoid this serious mistake and make the most of the money called time. Time management software helps to keep track of time and utilize it in the best manner for growth and gains. So here are the top five time management software in 2019.

1. Zistemo

Zistemo, formerly known as is based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, was founded in 2014. It is a comprehensive time-tracking suite that was developed with the motive to provide businesses with a smart, savvy, and safe tool that would let them focus completely on their main job. The idea was to provide a simple yet strong solution that would eliminate time management-related worries and mistakes and streamline the work from beginning to end.

Over the five years, Zistemo has earned a huge fan following that is spread across the globe and heaps glowing praises on the software. So what does Zistemo offer to the users? Well, it comes with the right features such as attendance management, which one can use to keep tabs on the leaves, vacations, holidays, flexi timing, etc., of the employees to make sure their time is utilized to the optimum degree. It ensures the utilization of skillset as per the work and also helps employees enhance their skills in the long run.

The project time management keeps one up to date with the status of the work being done. Every project activity is on the radar of the users, and one is aware of the budget, completed assignments, time spent on each task, and financial transactions done with regard to the project, which means timely work and excellent result. With it, one can work with different billing and budgeting methods. It is super easy to create the invoices of one's choice with custom corporate design. Compatible and convenient, Zistemo works the way one needs it to work, and thus is a cakewalk. It is user-friendly, and one uses only those modules that one needs.

Getting started is a matter of minutes as it installs in no time, and if one gets stuck at any point, help is a call/message away. The interface is super simple, and tips to use the different tools available right away. As soon as one gets going, one can see that the software simplifies everything and helps to organize all the business data at one place, making every detail accessible so that nothing is missed. Secure in all ways, it keeps every data under check and follows the highest security standards to ensure complete privacy and safety to the users. There is no compromise with privacy. No matter which sector one operates in, technology or gardening or real estate, it caters to the unique requirements of the business super efficiently.

The vast pool of features and tools leaves nothing out of bound and provides the best backup to the user in all situations to utilize time in the most judicious manner. Last but not least, it is flexible and allows export of data to other systems anywhere, anytime. Also, one can access it from any device because it works flawlessly on all platforms. In fact, it adapts and coordinates with other software and apps without any fuss. It enhances their capability, resulting in better efficiency to the user.

One key feature for bigger teams is the timesheet approval system. Team leaders and managers instantly get alerts on their phone. They can request changes, edit or approve timesheets. All synced in real-time. The system also allows managers to define employee vacation rules and rollover allowances. With Zistemo, one can easily solve scheduling conflicts and handle early vacation planning, with clear approval rules. 

Same time and money by automating task with Zistemo. Built to bestow benefits on the users, this time-tracking tool has everything one needs to measure and manage time with respect to the work being done. It is a delight that delivers more than one's expectation. So avail the free 30-day trial package to get a complete hang of the things Zistemo has to offer. 

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2. RescueTime

(Photo : RescueTime)

Founded in 2008 and based in Seattle, RescueTime is a new-age time-tracking software that has been featured on noted publications such as BBC, The New York Times, TechCrunch, and many more. It has a large user base spread across the globe and is used by organizations from different fields.

The software offers a smart yet simple solution to help workers keep track of time and be most productive, all the time. It runs in the background on computer as well as mobile device, giving complete account of the time spent on various applications and websites. It also provides comprehensive reports and data about the activity of the user. Using the software, one can easily set alerts for activities that waste time, block distractive websites, find time spent on meetings, emails, and do more. It gives complete control in the hands of the user, ensuring optimum focus and increased productivity.

A fine software for anyone who wants to beat the distractions in the digital age, RescueTime is surely going to rescue and rejuvenate one's routine. Just try any of the packages offered in three formats — RescueTime Lite (free forever), RescueTime Premium (free 14-day), and RescueTime for Orgs (free 30-day). Results will be seen from day 1.


(Photo : Tick)

Relied upon by more than 60,000 businesses across the globe, Tick powers the time tracking of Harvard University, Mammoth, American Century Investments, Glassdoor, and many more reputed names. It was developed in 2006, and its offerings include time tracking, timesheets, project time management, and time reporting.

The software comes across as a useful tracker tool for anyone looking to work on more profitable projects by utilizing time to the maximum degree. Its forte is real-time budget tracking, which is done through a foolproof mechanism. Each time the user submits a time entry, the software updates the project and task budgets in real-time. It also reports back to the user, and the report helps one identify issues that need to be fixed. Fixing them in time ensures saving of time and money. The best part is that it works as a communication tool, letting the user track time against the set tasks and budget. Fit for freelancers and big teams alike, it is super flexible and easily aligns with other software.

If one is looking to increase productivity and reduce cost then investing in Tick would get one the results one is seeking. Try the free 30-day trial for a complete preview.

4. DeskTime

(Photo : DeskTime)

Founded in 2010, DeskTime is a modern and feature-rich time tracking software that helps to enhance productivity instantly through its efficient features. It boasts of client base running in thousands including reputed brands of the world. This real-time automatic time tracking software monitors the productivity by categorizing the different applications used by the employees under three different heads — productive, unproductive and neutral. This information empowers users, helping to eliminate distractions. It can also be used to track offline activities such as meetings and phone calls.

Overall, one can easily monitor daily activity, leaves, holidays, vacations, overtime, etc., getting a clear picture of the workflow. Being user-friendly and non-obtrusive, it runs quietly in the background and does not require any user input. Anyone can get started with the software, and if any issue crops up, the customer care team is available a call away. Secure to the core, it follows the highest security standards and ensures safety through security encryption, firewalls, login and password protection, and data storage on TIER III servers.

So if one is in search of a competent and comprehensive time-tracking software, DeskTime is the right choice. Try the free 14-day, unlimited user's trial to find out the efficiency hidden in the sturdy software.

5. TimeCamp

(Photo : TimeCamp)

Founded in 2008 and based in Walnut, California, TimeCamp is a robust time-tracking tool that commands a user base of 280,000 across the globe, which include names such as Gartner, LiveChat, Stanford University, DSV, Orange, and many more. It offers a host of easy-to-use features that can be used for increasing efficiency and putting an end to wastage of time, intentional as well as accidental.

Its automatic tracking records the time and assigns it to the projects. Using it, one can distribute projects to team members and also keep tabs on the progress made in real time. One can bill time constantly and thus be sure of never exceeding the budget. Fast and flexible, it keeps every project detail up to date, and one can easily generate custom reports to get more insights into the work. Being flexible, it also integrates with other tools, and one can also build one's own integrations with its public API.

So if one is in search of a time-tracking software that will smoothen the workflow, set a robust routine, and eliminate time wastage from the first day, then TimeCamp is the best camp to join. Try the free 30-day trial for a complete preview.

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