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The presence of artificial intelligence (AI) in modern business has not only made operations faster and more efficient but has also produced increasingly competitive products. AI solutions have set a new era of innovation in motion, pushing standards that encourage a healthy competitive market. As a result, a fresh need has evolved for businesses to keep up and stay ahead of the pack by more effectively managing micro/macro processes and superior insight forecasting.

The following solutions have made big names for themselves among the rapidly evolving AI industry. From startups to established Fortune 100 enterprises, there is a growing need to choose AI that can keep up with the demands of a shifting economy while simultaneously maintaining respective missions and visions.

1. Beyond Limits

Founded in 2014, Beyond Limits should be the number one engineering company to consider for artificial intelligence solutions. They are known as a proven global provider of artificial intelligence as they help solve tough and complex business problems for industries with enormous scales that affect billions of clients.

At Beyond Limits, human-like reasoning is emulated by combining both deep learning and machine learning with symbolic artificial intelligence techniques. What sets Beyond Limits apart from other AI companies? Cognitive intelligence, human-like decision-making, and evidence-based explainability.  

To assist human decision-makers, Beyond Limits' cognitive engines reason through massive amounts of historical, real-time, IoT, and statistical data, both structured and unstructured. Using encoded expert human knowledge, these engines test and hypothesize on every bit of information to find solutions to critical problems. As an added layer, they accomplish all of this while also yielding full explainability in the form of understandable human - and machine - "natural language" audit trails. These trails are able to divulge their paths of reasoning and evidence behind exactly how the solution was reached (X-AI). 

Beyond Limits is transforming proven technologies from Caltech and NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab into advanced AI solutions, hardened to industrial strength, and put to work at forward-looking companies on Earth.

Choosing Beyond Limits means opting into the most extensive artificial intelligence platform possible, powered by the most comprehensive AI portfolio on Earth. Their cognitive engines use human-like insight to think outside the box when optimal solutions are least apparent.

The autonomous powers of such advanced AI enable organizations to relieve human workers from dangerous, repetitive, complex, and time-consuming work. The cognitive solutions developed by Beyond Limits enhance human talent and insight, enabling people to apply their attention, experience, and passion to solving problems that truly matter.

2. Aviso

Increase the chances of closing more deals with Aviso. It is proven to achieve 90 percent and better in terms of accuracy in the use of AI-powered WinScores, Opportunity Insights, and Opportunity Maps in gaining more predictable outcomes and better deliverables. In reviews, a client reported that Aviso helped their team to be more prepared with action plans. Another client praised the company of helping them manage their opportunities more effectively and produce better outcomes.

Aviso can help clients focus on deals that have the best chance to close with WinScores. Managing risks and getting tasks done on time can also be managed with Opportunity Insights. Meanwhile, Opportunity Maps provide an intuitive visual summary of all quarter's opportunities in a single view.

Aviso proactively manages pipelines using AI insights. Aspects of pipeline changes including a company's risk, strengths, weaknesses, and necessary guide reps to close a deal can be dealt with accordingly with 360- degree visibility using Pipeline Change Analytics and Smart Filtering. Hitting the next quarter goals can be attained with AI-driven pacing. Aviso also helps clients identify risks using Opportunity Maps.

CRM and spreadsheets reflecting a business' forecast and performance can now be leveraged using Aviso's AI that provides real-time intelligence with a promised 90 percent accuracy, day-by-day analysis of forecast changes, and forecast models that include risks and opportunities in a given period of time. Aviso also has a Forecast Rollup and Dashboard that makes forecasting more accurate, faster, and easier with its flexible and configurable enterprise-grade system.

3. Avaamo

Avaamo is a deep-learning software company that specializes in conversational interfaces to solve specific, high impact problems in a business. It helps companies optimize their core values using artificial intelligence (AI) with its 200,000 pre-built models and 500,000 intents. It is easy to use with its 14 language models and voice and text features that the covered 40 countries have enjoyed. Its goal of helping clients achieve real business outcomes is made possible with its 150 and more pre-built integrations and at least nine deployment channels.

Avamo's conversation design tools makes it possible for non-technical content writers to create, design, and edit conversational flows and conversational interfaces quickly with its most advanced, intuitive tools. Further services under this category include: Flow Designer, Tone and Sentiment, Dynamic Conversational Tools, Conversational Analytics, and Language.

It also has Machine Learning products with sub-categories such as Vertical Domains, Advanced NLU, Data Science Automation, and Knowledge Graph.

Products under Enterprise Services include Integrations, Security and Compliance, Deployment Flexibility, and Omni-channel.

Avaamo also has AI-powered voice platforms for genuine customer engagement. The following are included in this type of services: Conversational IVR and Voice-based Assistants.

It also caters services to industries such as Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecommunications, and Retail industries. It makes workplaces more efficient by providing AI-assisted solutions in industries such as Contact Center Innovation, Supply Chain Management, and Service Desk Automation.

4. Genpact

Genpact is a global professional services firm that makes use of digital-led innovation and digitally enabled intelligent operations to transform businesses. They have transformed businesses overseeing global operations in 25 countries so they can create better outcomes made possible with Genpact's expertise, AI-based platform, Genpact Cora. Started in 1997, Genpact is a business subsidiary within General Electric but later on become an independent company in January 2005.

Genpact's Cora helps global enterprises keep up with the demands of today's fast changing economy. It is domain driven, customer centric, and flexible.

It has products such as the Cora APFlow, Cora ARFlow, Cora CommandCenter, Cora EventAssist, Cora FinancialControllership, Cora Journey360, Cora LiveSpread, Cora LiveWealth, Cora OpsManager, Cora OrderAssist, Cora PharmaCoVigilance, Cora RegAssure, Cora RiskMonitor, and Core SeQuence.

Building a next-generation finance function and becoming a strategic business partner can now become a reality. This service further has more specific services such as Accounts Payable, Enterprise Performance Management, F&A Multi-tower consulting, Invoice to cash, and Record to Report.

Genpact enables clients to have the power of their micro and macro processes of their business. Other services under this category include Source to Pay, Supply Chain Management, and Order Management.

Risks can now be foreseen and minimized with Genpact's powerful solutions. The following are also areas that are better managed by Genpact's tools and AI. They include Fraud and Disputes, Regulatory Affairs, and Risk.

5. ClearStory Data

ClearStory Data is a leading AI and machine-powered continuous intelligence aimed at getting business insights. Its mission is to free businesses from the intense complexity of Data Analytics making Consuming Business Information simple and engaging. It specifically prepares and interprets all data, infer every attribute and data value to accelerate the production of business insights. Because of this amazing attributes, it earned the highest rank for Business Benefits by Gartner Research.

No matter how complex data is, ClearStory has an all-in-one machine-driven analytics solution that automatically preps data for automated blending and business insights.

Getting new insights without the limits of visual limitations has been made perfected with ClearStory's machine-driven Smart Data Discovery and self-service Data Catalog. These platforms go along with other platforms such as the AI-driven Data Inference, Data Harmonization, and Interactive Insights.

ClearStory's Machine-driven Intelligent Data HarmonizationTM eliminates slow and tedious traditional data modeling and data blending steps to see continuous insights from all critical sources.

ClearStory helps businesses to stay ahead of the competition with AI-driven Data Inference, Data Blending and Harmonization, Data Catalog, and Data Discovery that are efficient in producing new insights to the business.

ClearStory also has solutions for CPG & Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare and Pharma, Manufacturing, and Media and Entertainment.

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