We've all experienced bad services in different ways. Whether through shopping, visiting a restaurant, or simply buying an item through online retail stores.

Whenever this happens, what's the first thing you should do?

If you're like most people, you would probably get your phone, go to the store's social media page, and leave a nasty review. On the other hand, some people refuse to do this and choose to just wait, until someone leaves a bad review on the store.

Unknown by many, leaving a review online is a responsibility that every customers must do and act on. Companies are also advised to listen to consumer complaints in order to improve their services.

Thanks to modern technology, expressing complaints is no longer a difficult task.

PissedConsumer.com, for example, is an online review site, that tells every customer out there that "consumers have every right to demand better service from any type of business."

But how?

Why negative reviews are a necessity

PissedConsumer.Com Explains Why You Can Rely on Negative Reviews
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PissedConsumer.Com Explains Why You Can Rely on Negative Reviews

If you're a businessman, having a bad review written in your store is not a good way to welcome new customers. It doesn't promote products nor boost clients to trust you.

However, if you're a consumer, leaving a legitimate review on the store is a must, especially if the service is too bad for anyone to try out.

Almost every business out there has their own social media pages. This is not just for promotional factors - it's generally useful to protect consumers, by letting them criticize their experience with the offered service or product.

After all, trust is a fundamental factor in all businesses. Once customers refuse to trust a specific product, the business may soon flop.

As a customer, you have the responsibility to tell a business where to improve and where it lacks. In this way, leaving a negative review isn't negative after all.

This is actually called "constructive criticisms" which can help companies improve their businesses.

The need for review websites

There are tons of online review websites, depending on what you need, what you bought, or which place you visited.

If you're trying to buy something online, these sites should be the first thing you should check out. Herein, past customers or loyal consumers could rate the stores (based on the overall score achieved.)

Impressively, a lot of them also have algorithms that automatically compute the total rate of a specific store or product. This helps a new customer to find the best service to buy- out of all competitors out there.

It achieves the thought of the phrase, "the customer is always right."

When a specific store has a low rating on review sites, it may be better for consumers to try something else and listen to negative reviews.

What does the Pissed Consumer website do?

PissedConsumer.Com Explains Why You Can Rely on Negative Reviews
(Photo : Pissed Consumer )
PissedConsumer.Com Explains Why You Can Rely on Negative Reviews

Not all people have the guts to complain when something's wrong with a product or a place they're visiting. This is where Pissed Consumer comes in.

Way back 2006, Pissed Consumer was launched online. It is primarily responsible to develop a consumer-oriented space where every consumer can freely speak up their mind and draw companies' attention to unresolved issues.

The company believes in defending each consumer's right to the best quality service or to criticize the company once demands are not met.

Not everyone is aware about this, but each customer has a legal right to complain about anything online, under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

It allows anyone in America to express their viewpoints without fearing to be silenced.

Most importantly, that is what the Pissed Consumer website is all about.

Why PissedConsumer.com is helpful

PissedConsumer.Com Explains Why You Can Rely on Negative Reviews
(Photo : Pissed Consumer )
PissedConsumer.Com Explains Why You Can Rely on Negative Reviews

PissedConsumer.com helps customers to know which company offers the best in a specific product line-up, or which are the worst.

Here's the rundown of the best features they got compared to other review sites:

Real-life reviewers/ No Fake reviews

If there is one thing Pissed Consumer highly-respects, it is the trust of their audiences.

All reviewers in PissedConsumer.com are scanned in professionally-set algorithms to check whether the review is fake or not. All users can also register and verify themselves to prove their legitimacy.

PissedConsumer.com highlights that they don't allow any dishonest behavior or spammy reviews, whether positive or negative, on the site. The company strongly states, "We never remove reviews for money either."

Up-to-date review tools

Unlike other sites, PissedConsumer.com controls reviews using an up-to-date review management tool. This allows most companies, to improve their initial bad services.

Post Youtube videos to express review

If you want to be more creative, Pissed Consumer also offers customers a chance to get interviewed about their experience with the company.

This means posting a video on YouTube wherein people can relate more.

Not only that, but professionals are also interviewed on this page to speak about everyone's rights and educating them to be better consumers.

Beneficial to businesses too

PissedConsumer.com is not only customer-friendly. It could also be the best guide for businesses to improve themselves.

On their YouTube channel, Pissed Consumer interviews industry experts to set a standard for those businesses with low review ratings.

It offers tips for businesses to entice more customers in the future- just like a free seminar.

Besides that, PissedConsumer.com has each company's information. From general information and company rating to reviewers' posts, company's responses, and such.

As a potential consumer, this will help you get to know what you're buying, where you're buying it, or what kind of company are you getting interested with.

Don't just leave reviews, PissedConsumer acts against it

One thing that separates PissedConsumer.com from other review sites, is the fact that they don't just leave reviews behind. The site creates opportunities for customers to resolve their issues by talking to someone in-charged inside the company.

You can choose from "Call to company," "Video interviews," and "Questions & Answers." Users are allowed to contact companies, especially with those pending requests or products.

Anyone can also have the option to "Email this business" and "Private messages" in order for businesses to be aware of their bad services.

Voice issues, get solutions

When buying something online, make sure to read reviews first. It is an essential step towards making smarter purchases.

Once unsatisfied with a product or service, it is also your responsibility to take action and leave an honest review. It allows other future customers to refuse the product, or to force the company to make changes within their services.

PissedConsumer.com is one of the best platforms to voice out your concerns and complaints. But, could also be a stepping stone for businesses to enhance their services- just like what tycoons have been doing, until today.

You have to remember: When in business, you must not have a Pissed Consumer!

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