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Yahoo adds NLP start-up SkyPhrase to its growing portfolio

Yahoo has purchased start-up SkyPhrase, which builds Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, for an undisclosed sum.

Deals December 3, 2013

23andMe, hit with class action lawsuit, has stopped marketing DNA test kits

A consumer has filed a class action lawsuit against 23andMe, even as the company said it has stopped marketing its DNA test kits.

Legal December 3, 2013

Control paper planes with your smartphone via PowerUp 3.0

PowerUp 3.0 lets you control paper planes with your smartphone.

Gadgets December 2, 2013

Surgeons welcoming Google Glass in operating rooms

Surgeons are fast welcoming Google Glass in operating rooms.

Wearable Tech December 2, 2013

Apple observes World AIDS Day

Apple observed World Aids Day on December 1 by turning the company logo red in Apple stores.

Society December 2, 2013

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