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Senate intelligence panel approves cybersecurity bill encouraging data sharing

Is this the beginning of the end for cybercrime? Cybersecurity bill approved by the Senate Intelligence Committee raises concern from privacy groups, vows it means no harm.

Business July 11, 2014

Lyft brings ride-sharing services to New York. Want to hitch, Uber?

Lyft is in New York City and it's giving Uber a run for its money where ride-sharing services are concerned. Is The Big Apple ready for Lyft?

Business July 10, 2014

LG G Watch, Samsung Gear get iFixit treatment. Here's its verdict

iFixit tears apart LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, finds surprise inside one. Android Wear is smart, but is it also easy to repair?

Wearable Tech July 10, 2014

Amazon UK wearable technology store goes live

Amazon UK steps up and opens store dedicated to wearable technology. Popular and up-and-coming brands come together to showcase devices, addressing a slew of needs for customers.

Wearable Tech July 10, 2014

FBI, NSA allegedly spied on Muslim-American lawyers

Lawyers, activists in Muslim-American community identified in a document leaked by Edward Snowden a year ago. Director of National Intelligence explains, runs contrary to reports.

Society July 9, 2014

'Coal Rollers' cough out black smoke to anger environmentalists (Video)

Rolling coal, modifying diesel trucks to emit clouds of black smoke, is a subculture in America. Coal rollers use it as a way for conservatives to stick it to liberals and environmentalists.

Earth/Environment July 9, 2014

Profits of Samsung Electronics slide as cheaper units click in market

Profits for Samsung Electronics slump as Q2 comes to an end. Analysts share their thoughts.

Business July 9, 2014

Tour the world's largest cruise ship via Google Street View maps

Royal Caribbean releases virtual tour of Allure of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world. Check out decks and amenities like you're on-board with Google Street View.

Internet July 9, 2014

Why is BlackBerry Passport so square? BlackBerry has an explanation.

Blackberry explains why the Passport is square and dares you to imagine the possibilities as the device promises to take you on the best business trip you've ever had.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech July 8, 2014

Old smartphones can save forests, animals. Here's how.

Old smartphones get a new lease on life as part of a surveillance system developed by Rainforest Connection, featuring real-time alerts for real-time response to illegal logging and poaching.

Earth/Environment July 7, 2014

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