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3D-Printed Implants May Save Athletes From Career-Ending Injuries In The Future

Through the use of 3D-printing technology and osteochondral tissue engineering, bioscientists were able to produce a cartilage-to-bone scaffold that can be implanted into injured body parts. This can benefit athletes and ordinary people.

Biotech April 3, 2019

National Cancer Institute Director Ned Sharpless To Be Acting FDA Commissioner

Physician-scientist Norman ‘Ned’ Sharpless will take over FDA leadership from outgoing Commissioner Scott Gottlieb starting April. Sharpless is expected to continue the agency’s critical public health mission.

Public Health March 14, 2019

Eye Test May Detect Alzheimer's Disease Before Symptoms Appear

Eye health may be a good reflection of a person's brain health. A thorough scan of retinal blood vessels shows whether a person could develop Alzheimer's disease.

Medicine March 13, 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Set Record Preorder Sales

Samsung's Galaxy S10 series registered a positive start after its March 8 release. Record preorder sales were noted in the UK, USA, and other markets including China and South Korea.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 12, 2019

Italy's First Coral Reef Discovered In The Adriatic Sea

A rare coral reef ecosystem was found beneath the coast of Puglia, Italy. The Mediterranean mesophotic coral reef thrives in low levels of light and produces corals with subtle colors.

Earth/Environment March 12, 2019

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Spots Water Molecules Around The Moon

Scientists working on the NASA-commissioned research Lyman Alpha Mapping Project have successfully observed water molecules sparsely scattered on the surface of the moon. This new research can shed light on the lunar water movement.

Space March 12, 2019

China And South Korea To Use Artificial Rain To Reduce Air Pollution

The fine dust levels in South Korea has reached an alarming rate. The country will start a joint project with China and use cloud seeding to wash away the fine dust particles causing air pollution out of the sky.

Earth/Environment March 10, 2019

Guinness Names 116-year-Old Japanese Woman Kane Tanaka World's Oldest Person

A 116-year-old woman from Fukuoka, Japan is honored by Guinness as the oldest living person. Kane Tanaka keeps alert in her nursing home by studying math and playing board games.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 9, 2019

Increasing Steroid Doses Does Not Prevent Sudden Asthma Attack, May Stunt Growth In Children

Experts do not recommend an increased dose of inhaled steroids for treating asthma in children. A new study suggests that frequent and high-dose steroid inhalation may affect a child's growth.

Public Health March 5, 2018

Amateur Astronomer Captures The Birth Of A Supernova While Testing A New Camera

Victor Buso is a locksmith by profession, but he achieved what professional astronomers have always wanted -- he witnessed the birth of a supernova. He captured the stellar explosion while testing the new camera of his telescope.

Space February 23, 2018

New Anti-Obesity Drug Can Help You Lose Weight Without Dieting

Researchers are working on a new drug that can help shrink excess fat without dieting. If proven successful, the promising new drug can help address the national obesity epidemic affecting 160 million Americans.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 10, 2018

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