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Chinese Businessman Pleads Guilty In Hacking Case To Spying On US Military

A Chinese national pleaded guilty to conspiring to steal sensitive U.S. military information. This involved several years of hacking into the networks of U.S. defense contractors.

FUTURE TECH March 24, 2016

Submarine Contractors Of Australia Express Concern Over Possible Hacking Attempts Of Chinese, Russian Spies

Hackers have attempted to steal top secret information about Australia's project on building its future submarines, dubbed Sea 1000 Future Submarine program. The bidders of the project are pointing their fingers to Chinese and Russian spies as primary suspects.

FUTURE TECH November 9, 2015

China Arrested Hackers On US Request: Cyberespionage Tension Defused?

China responded to U.S.’ request for assistance on cracking down hacking attacks by arresting individuals being suspected of engagement in the activity. The arrests came shortly before the state visit of Chinese President Xi JinPing to Washington.

Society October 13, 2015

China-Linked Hackers Attack American Airlines And Sabre

American Airlines and Sabre Corp. are the latest victims of a cyberattack that is allegedly the handiwork of the same hackers who were responsible for the breach on health insurer Anthem and the U.S. OPM.

Business August 8, 2015

U.S. Officials Believe Chinese Hackers Responsible For Massive Data Breach Affecting 4 Million Fed Employees

Officials in the U.S. believe that the latest data breach on OPM was masterminded by Chinese hackers. It is believed that the cyberattack has compromised the PII of nearly 4 million former and current federal employees.

Society June 5, 2015

Chinese Hackers Piggybacked To Attack US Defense And Financial Industry Computers

Chinese hackers have reportedly taken advantage of flaws in Adobe's Flash and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 to use to launch attacks against financial and defense industry computers.

Internet February 11, 2015

Chinese City Spends $24,000 to Buy Trojan Horse Software to Spy on Smartphones

A Chinese police department buys spyware for thousands of dollars and makes a public announcement about it.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 8, 2015

U.S. military contractors infiltrated by Chinese-backed hackers

A senate probe discovers Chinese hackers have infiltrated the networks of U.S. military contractors. The military had no idea about it.

Internet September 19, 2014

Chinese hackers steal 4.5 million patient records of Community Health Systems

The Chinese hacking group known as APT 18 stole the personal data of 4.5 million patients of the Community Health Systems, one of the largest hospital groups in the U.S. Compromised information included addresses, contact numbers, birthdays and social security numbers.

Life August 19, 2014

China: We aren't behind Canada data hack

Canada accuses China of spying. China has been blamed for various espionage campaigns that experts believe are an attempt at stealing sensitive state information.

Society August 1, 2014

Chinese hackers attempted to access database of U.S. government employees: Report

A Department of Homeland Security official reported an attack by Chinese hackers that attempted to access a database containing information on all U.S. government employees. It is not determined if the hackers are connected to the Chinese government.

Society July 10, 2014

Chinese 'Deep Panda' hackers go after U.S. national security think tanks

CrowdStrike revealed that Chinese hackers believed to have ties with Chinese government shifted their targets from senior officials in geopolicy issues to people involved in Iraq or Middle East issues. Here’s why.

Internet July 9, 2014

State of the Internet report is out: Web is faster but attacks also on the rise

With Internet speeds on the rise year-over-year, it's the perfect setting for Chinese hackers to use DDoS attacks on various websites on the Internet. The global average Internet connection speed is 3.8 Mbps.

Internet April 25, 2014

Forget NSA, Chinese hackers targeted European diplomats with Carla Bruni pics

Chinese hackers tried to breach security systems of European diplomats just before the G20 summit at St. Petersburg in Russia.

Society December 11, 2013

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