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Former Volkswagen Manager Gets Maximum Prison Sentence And Fine For 'Dieselgate' Emissions Fraud

Former Volkswagen executive Oliver Schmidt got seven years in prison and a $400,000 fine for his role in the 'Dieselgate' emissions fraud. The executive had made a plea deal back in August and this was the maximum sentence under plea.

Business Tech December 7, 2017

Audi Vehicles Found Cheating In Carbon Dioxide Emissions Test, Says US Regulator

The U.S. California Air Resources Board (CARB) reportedly found another emissions cheating device in a number of Audi vehicles. The defeat device was used up until May 2016, eight months after the Volkswagen dieselgate scandal.

Car Tech November 7, 2016

EPA Asks Mercedes-Benz For Diesel Emissions Data

Last Feb. 18, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Mercedes-Benz for allegedly cheating emissions regulations for its diesel engine cars. The EPA said it has requested data on emission levels from the company and has not actually started an official investigation into the matter.

Business March 2, 2016

Audi Pledges To Revise Software For Emissions Control In US To Address Cheating 3L Diesels

Audi promised to revise its emissions control software in a bid to make its vehicles more compliant to the clean air laws in the United States. More than 85,000 vehicles powered by Audi's 3.0-liter diesel engine are said to be affected.

FUTURE TECH November 25, 2015

Volkswagen Emission-Test Fiasco Echoes Deep: VW Drowning In The U.S. Auto Market Amid 'Dieselgate' Scandal

Emission tests and fuel cost have hit Volkswagen hard as the company attempts to remove itself from the latest scandal in the car industry. Over 800,000 cars are reportedly affected by VW's missteps and the whole fiasco is taking a heavy toll on the automaker.

FUTURE TECH November 4, 2015

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