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Uber Will Test Its Self-Driving Hybrid Ford Fusion In Pittsburgh: Why This Is A Confusing Move

Uber will be testing its self-driving Ford Fusion hybrid in the streets of Pittsburgh in the coming weeks. While the technology is for a good cause, here is why it is a confusing business decision for the company.

Car Tech May 20, 2016

Ford Introduces Computer-Controlled Shock Absorber System For New Fusion, Reducing Pothole Damage

The bolstered system ramps up the vehicle's dampers to their stiffest settings, lessening the damage of a pothole. It even makes the front wheels send a pre-warning signal to rear wheels when experiencing potholes.

FUTURE TECH February 18, 2016

Ford Adds Sport And Platinum Trims To 2017 Fusion Offering

American automaker Ford has announced that the 2017 Ford Fusion will be available in Sport and Platinum trims. This provides customers with the option to go with a turbocharged version or a classier and more elegant model of the midsize sedan.

FUTURE TECH January 13, 2016

Self-Driving 2016 Ford Fusion Ready To Hit California Roads For Testing Next Year

Ford announced it is preparing to unleash a fleet of autonomous Fusion hybrid cars on California's roads. Motown Cali's back again, doing another West Coast research.

FUTURE TECH December 16, 2015

Ford Recalls Almost Half A Million Fusions, Milans Over Fuel Leak Problem

Ford Motor Company has issued a recall to almost half a million Mercury Milans and Ford Fusions. The Michigan-based company released the recall in Canada, Mexico and the U.S.

FUTURE TECH November 24, 2015

65,000: Number of Ford Fusion Cars Recalled Over Ignition Key Software Problem

Ford is no stranger to recalls this year, adding certain models of the 2014-2015 Fusion, Fusion Energi, and Fusion Hybrid to the list due to ignition problems.

FUTURE TECH November 20, 2014

850000: Number of Ford C-MAX, Fusion, Escape and Lincoln MKZ recalled over airbags deployment glitch

Ford recalls up to 850,000 Escapes, Fusions, C-MAXs and Lincoln MKZs due to faulty software that prevents air bags from functioning properly.

FUTURE TECH September 27, 2014

Ford adjusts inaccurate fuel mileage for six models

Ford customers are slated to receive payments in varying amounts from Ford to compensate for Ford’s error in making fuel-efficiency estimates for six models.

FUTURE TECH June 17, 2014

Using consumer electronics tech to make cars lighter, more efficient: Ford says why not?

New technology in Ford vehicles will be better for the environment, lower CO2 emissions, and offer better economy, the company says. Ford also claims the technology it is using in tandem with Samsung SDI can also cut down on gasoline use as well as emissions.

FUTURE TECH June 4, 2014

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