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Instagram To Warn Accounts Before Disabling Them Entirely

A word of caution will now be given to Instagram users whose accounts are close to being banned. In a new policy, Instagram outlines a new appeals process and a notification warning for content violators.

Apps/Software July 20, 2019

Twitter Tests 'Original Tweeter' Label To Tag Users Who Start A Thread

Twitter tests a new update that helps users figure out who started a thread. The 'Original Tweeter' label will now appear beside a username, though only a limited number of users can see it for now.

Apps/Software January 25, 2019

Leaked Training Manual: Facebook To Ban Pepe The Frog Images 'Used In The Context Of Hate'

A leaked training manual revealed that Facebook is banning images of Pepe the Frog when used in the context of hate. Normal images of the cartoon character are fine.

Internet May 25, 2018

Twitch Updates Guidelines: ‘Hate Simply Has No Place In The Twitch Community’

Twitch just laid down a revised set of policies to combat harassment, sexual content, and hate speech proliferating the site. Surprisingly, the policies extend beyond its own platform.

Internet February 9, 2018

Investigation Finds Facebook Enforces Hate Speech Unevenly, Facebook Then Apologizes

An investigation into Facebook’s handling of hate speech finds moderators apply actions unevenly. Facebook apologized for its mistakes after the results of the investigation were made public.

Internet December 30, 2017

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Pledges To Be More ‘Aggressive’ On Harassment, Abuse, And Hate Speech

Twitter is working to enforce its current rules on abuse more aggressively, and roll out new policies on unwanted sexual advances and propaganda, according to CEO Jack Dorsey. This follows a widespread boycott of the platform.

Internet October 15, 2017

Facebook Explains How It Defines Hate Speech And Why So Much Is Able To Slip Through The Cracks

Facebook has released a post explaining its policy on hate speech including how so much goes unnoticed. How does Facebook hope to improve in the future?

Internet June 29, 2017

Is Facebook Doing Enough To Remove Hate Speech? Austrian Court Thinks Not, But This Ruling Should Change Things

An Austrian court just ordered Facebook to take down all posts deemed as hate speech, as well as all verbatim reposts. The ruling extends beyond Austrian borders, as it forces Facebook to remove hateful content worldwide.

Internet May 9, 2017

AT&T And Verizon Pull Ads Off YouTube Over Videos Promoting Terrorism And Hate

AT&T and Verizon have decided to remove their ads from YouTube over videos promoting hateful speech and terrorism. Google pledged to give advertisers more control over ad placement, but apparently it didn't move fast enough.

Internet March 23, 2017

German Minister Seeks Fines On Social Media Sites That Fail To Wipe Out Hate Speech

A justice minister in Germany proposes a bill that could possibly fine social networks as high as $53 million if they will not take action on illegal hate messages made through their platforms.

Internet March 17, 2017

Valentine’s Day Breakup: YouTube Cancels Scare PewDiePie, Removes Online Superstar From Google Preferred

Valentine’s Day didn’t go well for YouTube star PewDiePie. Following the move of Disney-owned Maker Studios, YouTube has also decided to reprimand Felix Kjellberg over his controversial anti-Semitic videos.

Internet February 14, 2017

EU Urges Facebook, Google And Other Tech Companies To Act Promptly Against Online Hate Speech

The European Union wants tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft to deal with hate speech swiftly. The EU may have to enact laws forcing these companies to be fast while dealing with hateful content.

Internet December 5, 2016

Twitter Crackdown On Online Abuse Suspends Multiple Alt-Right Accounts: 'This Is Corporate Stalinism,' Richard Spencer Complains

Twitter has been cracking down on racist trolls and online abuse, and as a result, a number of alt-right accounts are suspended. Prominent alt-right leader Richard Spencer, whom Twitter also blocked, calls it "corporate Stalinism" with "execution squads across the alt-right."

Internet November 17, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg And Other Executives Under Investigation For Facebook Hate Speech In Germany

German prosecutors have launched an investigation into Facebook's practices regarding hate speech, and they're going after the company's top executives. Mark Zuckerberg and others are under investigation for potential hate speech and criminal incitement.

Business Tech November 4, 2016

Donald Trump Posts Spark Facebook Divide: Employees Want Hate Speech Removed, But Zuck Says No

Donald Trump's recent posts about Muslin immigration have fired a heated debate at Facebook headquarters. Facebook employees want to remove the posts as hate speech, but Zuckerberg said no.

Internet October 21, 2016

Instagram Text Filters Aim To Fight Online Abuse, But Trolls May Still Bypass Them Like They Did On Twitter

Instagram has just rolled out text filters to block unwanted, hateful and abusive comments, but will it succeed? Twitter released similar tools last month, and trolls still managed to bypass the filters.

Internet September 12, 2016

Microsoft Now Lets You Report Hate Speech Easily: Here's How

Microsoft has launched a new web form that allows you to report hate speech easily, and to make sure anyone can use it without a problem, here's a short guide on how to use it.

Microsoft August 29, 2016

Microsoft Tackles Online Hate Speech With New Tools And Resources To Combat Abuse

As an increasing number of companies are trying to combat online abuse, Microsoft is amping up its efforts as well. The company has now rolled out new resources to counter online hate speech across its services.

Microsoft August 27, 2016

Google, Microsoft, Facebook And Twitter Pledge To Combat Hate Speech Across EU

Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and Google have agreed to European regulations to combat illegal online hate speech. As part of a new code of conduct, the companies pledge to review and, if necessary, remove hateful speech within 24 hours.

Internet June 1, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg Admits Facebook Didn’t Handle Hate Speech Against Migrants In Germany Well Enough, Promises To Do Better

Mark Zuckerberg said during an event in Berlin that more is yet to be done to get rid of hate speech on Facebook. He added that violent posts have no place on the social media site.

Society February 27, 2016

Facebook Updates Its Community Standards: What Users Must Know

Facebook updates its Community Standards to let people know what it allows on its platform and what it doesn’t.

Internet March 16, 2015

Arizona Pastor: Kill Gays for AIDS-free World by Christmas. Really, now? [Video]

Just in time for World AIDS Day, Steven Anderson delivered a sermon aimed at eradicating the disease in time for Christmas. His intentions were good but his methods? Not so much.

Life December 6, 2014

'Fit Mom' Maria Kang gets temporarily banned from Facebook for launching tirade against obese women

Social media hot mom Maria Kang was banned on Facebook for two days after posting an alleged hate speech targeting obese women.

Society November 30, 2013

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