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Curiosity Rover Goes Cloud Watching On Mars

The Mars Curiosity rover went skywatching with the InSight lander in May to help scientists measure the altitude of Martian clouds. The 6-year-old robotic explorer is currently exploring the clay-bearing unit of Mount Sharp.

Space May 31, 2019

Mars InSight Lander Is Covered In Orange Dust But Scientists Say It's A Good Thing

NASA's Mars InSight recently had a brief encounter with one of the planet's infamous dust devils. The encounter lifted some of the dust that accumulated on its solar panels and allowed it to study Martian winds.

Space May 9, 2019

InSight Takes Snapshot Of The Sunrise And Sunset On Mars

NASA’s InSight just followed the tradition set by its predecessors and colleagues: it took images of the sunrise and sunset in Mars. It also captured the movement of clouds as the sun set on the Red Planet.

Space May 3, 2019

Marsquake: NASA'S InSight Lander Detects First Tremor In Planet Mars

Scientists were able to detect the first Marsquake via NASA's InSight lander. The recorded tremor was faint but was the kind that scientists have been waiting for for months.

Space April 24, 2019

Scientists Detect 'Mini-Tremors' On Mars

NASA's InSight lander has detected microseisms, or continuous and ubiquitous tremors, on Mars. The faint humming was discovered in February, a few months after the lander had arrived on the Red Planet.

Space March 19, 2019

NASA InSight Lander Sends Back Audio Of Martian Winds

NASA's InSight lander detected vibrations from the winds blowing on the surface of Mars. The U.S. space agency raised the pitch of the audio sampling to be perceptible by human ears.

Space December 8, 2018

Curiosity Rover Finds Shiny Object In Martian Soil

NASA's Curiosity found a shiny rock that scientists believe is a meteorite. The team behind the Mars rover wanted to take a closer look at the mysterious object to figure out what it is.

Space December 4, 2018

NASA Successfully Lands InSight On Martian Soil

InSight has successfully arrived in Mars. The lander reported that it has unrolled its solar panels and will continue deploying its other scientific equipment in the next couple of months.

Space November 27, 2018

Mars InSight Lander Getting Ready To Touchdown On Red Planet

InSight will attempt a successful landing on Monday, Nov. 26. The Mars lander will experience what is called "seven minutes of terror" in which it will enter the red planet's atmosphere at 12,300 miles per hour and then abruptly slow down to land.

Space November 24, 2018

NASA Announces Public Broadcast For First Mars Landing In 6 Years

NASA announced that the touch down of InSight later this month will be livestreamed on its website and social media pages. InSight is NASA's first lander to Mars in six years.

Space November 14, 2018

First Deep Space CubeSats Head For Mars: What Are The Objectives Of NASA's $18.5 Million MarCO Mission?

MarCO-B encountered a problem during the trajectory correction maneuver but NASA engineers are optimistic MarCO mission will make it to the Red Planet. What are the objectives of sending these interplanetary CubeSats to Mars?

Space June 3, 2018

First CubeSats Signal Radio Home On Way To Mars, NASA Says

NASA just received two radio signals from the MarCO satellites. The two small satellites will accompany the InSight lander on its journey to study Mars’ structure and its interior.

Space May 7, 2018

NASA InSight Mars Lander Launched: Red Planet Interior Will Be Probed And Mapped

NASA resumed its mission to probe Mars as it launched a new spacecraft that is expected to study the red planet from California. The InSight lander is expected to arrive on the planet sometime in November.

Space May 5, 2018

NASA Mars InSight Set To Launch: Here's Why The Mission Is So Important

After a two-year delay, NASA will finally launch the InSight Mars mission to space. The spacecraft, which will be equipped with various tools, will study not the Red Planet's surface, but rather what lies underneath.

Space May 1, 2018

NASA To Launch InSight Mars Lander In May 2018

NASA's InSight mission will make it to Mars, after all. The space agency announced that the lander will be launched by May 2018.

Space March 10, 2016

Want To Send Your Name To Mars? NASA Can Help: Here's How

To boost enthusiasm on further explorations to Mars and deep space, NASA is encouraging Mars enthusiasts to send their names to their website, so NASA can send them to Mars. They have already done this before in December 2014, with 38 million names soaring into space. They’re giving fans until September 2016 for this second shot at getting your name up in deep space.

Space August 22, 2015

InSight NASA Probe Begins Testing For Mission To Mars

The InSight spacecraft, set to go to Mars in 2016, has started undergoing testing. What will NASA engineers do to this spacefaring vehicle to prepare it for its journey to the Red Planet?

Space May 28, 2015

Major Trial Indicates HIV Treatment Should Start Right After Diagnosis

A study has shown that HIV is just like any other disease--the sooner it is treated, the better. This supports current guidelines in the U.S. recommending therapy regardless of T-cell counts.

Life May 28, 2015

NASA Makes Headway with InSight into Mars

InSight is being assembled for a journey to Mars, launching in 2016. What will the Mars lander be searching for on the Red Planet?

Space November 18, 2014

NASA building new lander for 2016 Mars mission: Hello Curiosity and Opportunity, you have company!

InSight is now on track to launch to the Red Planet in 2016. Here is what it will bring.

Space May 22, 2014

NASA gives green light for construction of InSight Mars lander

NASA’s Interior Exploration Using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport or InSight will serve as the groundwork for the agency's bold step of sending astronauts to Mars by 2030.

Space May 22, 2014

US, France team up for 2016 Mars mission

NASA and CNES are collaborating on a new mission to Mars, which will launch in March 2016.

Space February 11, 2014

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