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Net Neutrality Laws Go Into Effect As Courts Deny Stay

Net neutrality laws are set to finally go into effect on Friday with a U.S. appeals court denying a stay of the new rules from the FCC. Despite this, net neutrality has a long road ahead, with Internet service providers likely to put forth lawsuits against the rules in the near future.

Legal June 11, 2015

HBO, Sony And Showtime Seeks Internet Fast Lane For Online Streaming Services

Just when we thought the net neutrality wars were cooling down, HBO and company now say they want Internet fast lanes.

Internet March 20, 2015

FCC Outs Full Text Of Net Neutrality Rules: Here's What The 400-Page Document Says

With the new proposed 400-page rules on federal regulatory oversight of Internet service providers, court battles are ahead. Telecoms and wireless industry groups are not happy with what is being proposed.

Internet March 12, 2015

FCC Votes In Favor Of Net Neutrality, Reclassifies Internet As Public Utility

The FCC has voted in favor of net neutrality, reclassifying the Internet as a public utility under Title II. The vote is a historic one for Internet users across the country, and the new rules will prevent ISPs from creating Internet fast lanes.

Internet February 27, 2015

FCC's Wheeler may become ISPs' worst nightmare with hybrid approach: Here's why

The FCC is hard at work ironing out the kinks of net neutrality. While a hybrid plan looks like a compromise between consumer concerns and corporate interests, the move will weigh more heavily on Internet service providers.

Internet November 1, 2014

White House doesn't support Internet fast lanes, advocates open Internet

President Obama is strongly opposed to the creation of Internet 'fast lanes.' Perhaps his remarks will provide the impetus for a dithering FCC to move toward a resolution on net neutrality issues.

Business Tech August 7, 2014

Verizon: Netflix is causing traffic congestion, not us

Verizon, Netflix dispute forecasts a much more litigious future for Internet traffic. Meanwhile, users suffer.

Business Tech July 11, 2014

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