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Google, Facebook Face Big GDPR Headache — $8.8 Billion In Lawsuits

Google and Facebook hit with $8.8 billion lawsuit within one day of GDPR enforcement. The new data protection and privacy law for individuals within the European Union came into effect on Friday, May 25, 2018.

Business Tech May 28, 2018

Max Schrems, European Law Student, Is Winning Against Facebook In A Data Privacy Case

A new ruling from the European Union could prompt U.S. tech companies to restructure the way they handle their European operations in terms of privacy practices. Max Schrems is hopeful that the new ruling could reach an online privacy milestone.

Legal October 20, 2015

European Judges Told To Close Facebook Accounts Over NSA Spying Concerns

The highest court in the European Union said the data of EU citizens isn't safe from U.S. spies.

Legal March 26, 2015

Facebook battles 60,000 users in Europe, might pay at least $16.5 million

Facebook may have to fork out $16.5 million in damages as it battles privacy violation allegations in Europe. The plaintiff Max Schrems has garnered support from 60,000 users and Facebook Ireland has four weeks to respond to the allegations.

Business August 23, 2014

Class action suit against Facebook requires court approval to move forward

A lawsuit against Facebook centering on privacy brought by an Austrian law student has closed its number of complaintants at 25,000. The case now awaits a decision by a Vienna court to see if it will go to trial.

Internet August 6, 2014

Thousands join Facebook class action privacy suit

The Europe v. Facebook case started by Max Schrems last week has gained a lot of traction since it was announced, with over 11,000 participants currently signed up. He's aiming to get $670 damages per user.

Legal August 4, 2014

Facebook in class action lawsuit brought by Austrian legal student

Facebook is now enthralled in a class action lawsuit after a student in Austria filed a claim against the company. It alleges the social network violated privacy rights of users.

Business August 4, 2014

Facebook hit by class action lawsuit in Austria: Who is Max Schrems?

An Austrian law student, Max Schrems, is filing a class action lawsuit against Facebook for alleged data violation. But just who is the man behind the lawsuit?

Business August 3, 2014

Austrian student launches global class action suit against Facebook

Max Schrems, a law student in Austria, is filing a class action lawsuit against Facebook. He's asking 1 billion of the social media company's users outside the U.S. and Canada to join him.

Legal August 1, 2014

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