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Apple Pay Will Be Available In CVS And 7-Eleven Stores Later This Year

CVS pharmacies and 7-Eleven convenience stores will soon support Apple Pay. The two companies used to be members of the Merchant Customer Exchange, an alliance that opposed the adoption of tap-to-pay services.

Apple August 1, 2018

Home Depot Will Be Largest Apple Pay Partner With Support At 2,000 Stores

Home Depot is looking to sign up as an Apple Pay partner, contradicting inaccurate reports that the retail giant has dropped support for the mobile payment platform.

Business May 7, 2015

Apple Pay rival hacked. Has anyone seen Tim Cook around?

Apple Pay rival CurrentC has been hacked and a number of emails stolen during a testing phase of the new mobile payment service. The news comes as a blow to the MCX, the group behind CurrentC, which is attempting to build consumer trust before the official launch of the app.

Apps/Software October 29, 2014

Apple Pay not every retailer's dream as two early supporters opt out

CVS and Rite Aid pull support for Apple Pay as they explore other options. As members of the rival MCX network, they may already have a strong idea in which direction they'll head for a virtual wallet platform.

Apps/Software October 27, 2014

Apple Pay faces big odds: Rite Aid, CVS join other retailers in saying 'No' to the hype

CVS is now the second major retailer to cut support for NFC payments, which includes payments using Apple Pay and Google Wallet. The ending of support is likely because CVS and Rite Aid, along with other retailers, plan to launch their own mobile payment system in early 2015.

Business October 27, 2014

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