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Michael B. Jordan Opens Up About Early Acting Career Troubles

Michael B. Jordan revealed that he had a rough start in his acting career and he almost gave up. According to him, he came so close to moving back to New York.

Celebrities October 3, 2018

Michael B. Jordan Snags Role In Tom Clancy's 'Rainbow Six' Movie Series

Paramount Pictures has casted 'Black Panther' star Michael B. Jordan to take on John Clark’s role in an upcoming movie series. The films will be based on books by Tom Clancy.

Movies/TV Shows September 22, 2018

'Rocky' Spinoff 'Creed' Is Knocking Out The Competition At The Box Office

'Creed' sees Rocky experiencing a role-reversal from his younger days as a boxer-in-training to a trainer. So far, fans and critics are loving every bit of the 'Rocky' spin-off, but check out what the film has to offer to prepare your hearts for it.

Movies/TV Shows November 27, 2015

Ranking Rocky's Best Fights

With Creed hitting theaters across the country Wednesday, Tech Times thought it would only be right to rank all the bouts from the iconic series.

Movies/TV Shows November 25, 2015

Final ‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3’ Live Trailer Stars Michael B. Jordon, Marshawn Lynch And Cara Delevigne

The stars come out to play in the latest live-action trailer for 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.' Activision releasing live-action trailers is becoming a pre-holiday tradition.

Video Games November 3, 2015

Could Silver Surfer Or Namor Be In "Fantastic Four 2'?

Who would the cast of 'Fantastic Four' like to fight in a sequel? A couple of cast members have passionate opinions about this question.

Movies/TV Shows August 1, 2015

Stan Lee Defends Michael B. Jordan As The 'Fantastic Four's Human Torch

The Internet wasn't exactly happy when African-American actor Michael B. Jordan was revealed as the next on-screen Human Torch - but comic book legend (and Fantastic Four creator) Stan Lee couldn't be happier with the decision.

Movies/TV Shows July 27, 2015

Teaser Trailers For Each 'Fantastic Four' Character Have Dropped

If you're not already looking forward to the 'Fantastic Four' reboot, these trailers might make a convert out of you.

Movies/TV Shows July 23, 2015

New 'Fantastic Four' Trailers Released In The US And Abroad

The final set of trailers for the 'Fantastic Four' reboot provide some backstory for Mr. Fantastic and Thing.

Movies/TV Shows July 14, 2015

Spider-Man Is A White Kid Again, And Here Is Why You Should Be Angry About It

Whitewashing superhero movies isn't a good color on anyone. It's time to embrace a POC hero, one who can inspire us to do better.

Movies/TV Shows June 23, 2015

Michael B. Jordan Writes Heartfelt Op-Ed To Address Internet Trolls

Hollywood actor Michael B. Jordan takes on his detractors, who argue that he is not fit to play the role of the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) in the upcoming 'Fantastic Four' film.

Movies/TV Shows May 24, 2015

Just Admit It: You Don't Like The Fact That 'Fantastic Four' Looks Good

Everybody wants to hate on the new 'Fantastic Four' movie, but the more we see of it, the more encouraged we are. Why can't people seem to get on board with this film?

Movies/TV Shows May 22, 2015

'Rocky' spin-off 'Creed' to begin filming in January 2015

Many people think 'Rocky' should stay retired forever, but that's definitely not the case: according to new reports, the upcoming Rocky spin-off 'Creed' is set to begin filming this January.

Movies/TV Shows November 12, 2014

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