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Facebook Buys Government ID Verification Startup Buh-Bye, Fake Accounts?

Facebook acquired, a government ID authentication startup. The move should boost security on the social network and make the Facebook community safer.

Business Tech January 26, 2018

Google Cracks Down On Bots Using More Stealthy Approach: reCAPTCHA Turns Invisible

Google gives website owners a new stealthy option to keep spambots at bay with the invisible reCAPTCHA widget. Humans don't have to do anything to prove they're human!

Google March 10, 2017

Spammergate: 1.4 Billion Email Addresses And User Details Found Online As Spammers' Backups Leak

A spam operation called River City Media spilled 1.4 billion email addresses and user details because its backups were poorly secured. The collection of files includes real names, physical addresses, IP addresses and even RCM's internal files and chat logs.

Security March 7, 2017

Credit Card Theft Moves Online As Chip Technology Thwarts In-Store Criminal Efforts

Millions of credit cards in the United States have been turned into 'smart cards' or those equipped with EMV technology. Criminals, however, have easily adapted and moved their operations online.

Security February 2, 2017

What Is The Best VPN?

Tech Times looks into some Virtual Private Networks to determine how good its service is and what makes it a good choice. Find out which VPNs made the cut

Internet January 29, 2017

The Most Common Password Of 2016 Is Still '123456'

It's official: the most common password of 2016 is still '123456,' with 17 percent of online users still using it. Needless to say, that's a big no-no.

Security January 17, 2017

Google Launches Key Transparency: A Secure Public Directory Of Encryption Keys

Google is piloting Key Transparency, a secure encryption system jointly developed by a group of security experts, as an open source prototype for developers and non-experts.

Google January 13, 2017

Microsoft Cracking Down On Terrorist Content Across Its Services

Microsoft announced that it is taking steps to crack down on online terrorist content. The company will block terrorist posts on its services such as Xbox Live, Outlook and others, and will come up with additional measures to clean up the online environment.

Microsoft May 22, 2016

True Random Numbers Could Be Key To Improved Cybersecurity

Computer scientists were able to come up with a random number extractor that could be used to improve cybersecurity. The method will be presented at the annual Symposium on Theory of Computing in Massachusetts this June.

Security May 21, 2016

Android Malware Masquerading As Chrome Update Can Harvest Bank Info, Call Logs, Browser History And More

Chrome for Android is under attack from an insidious malware, ZScaler points out. The infection leads to data theft that can range from browser history to credit card information, but users can get rid of it.

Security April 30, 2016

Report Finds Cybercriminals Now Focused on Exploiting 'Human Nature'

Experts recommend utilizing two-factor authentication whenever possible, encrypting personal data, and being aware of what types of attacks are common in specific industries.

Security April 28, 2016

Mobile Phones And Networks Are Susceptible To Hacks: Here's How Vulnerable They Are

It's no mystery that hacks are rampant nowadays, but it's not exactly clear how easily they could happen to anyone. Here's a look of what cybercriminals can do.

Internet April 19, 2016

Zero-Day Vulnerability Bypasses Apple's Security Features To Compromise OS X And iOS Devices: Update Now

Apple’s OS X and iOS are subject to a zero-day vulnerability exploit that can have horrendous consequences, a SentinelOne researcher has reported. Here's what to do to keep hackers from messing with your Mac and iPhone.

Apps/Software March 28, 2016

How To Protect Yourself From Phishing Scams Like ‘Celebgate’

Ryan Collins pleaded guilty for pulling a simple phishing scam in order to get the log-in details of his victims in the 'Celebgate' hack. Find out how to keep your account secure and avoid becoming a victim of similar scams.

Internet Culture March 17, 2016

VTech Revises Terms Of Service: If Hackers Steal Your Data, It's Not At Fault

VTech's Learning Lodge was hacked late last year, compromising the data of almost 5 million parents and over 200,000 children. VTech is now relaunching the online app store, but its terms of service now comes with a line that has sparked controversy.

Internet February 11, 2016

77,000 Steam Accounts Hacked Each Month, Here's What Valve Is Doing To Stop It

Valve outlines its efforts to make Steam accounts more safe and secure.

Geek December 10, 2015

Facebook Says More Governments Are Requesting For User Data

In the biannual report issued by Facebook on government requests for private user data, the company reported a surge in the first half of 2015. Up to 60 percent of those requests came from the US.

Internet Culture November 12, 2015

Spike Set To Air Six-Part TV Series On Tech Pioneer John McAfee

A new miniseries centered around John McAfee, the founding father of online anti-virus protection, is in the works -- and it involves murder and one of the biggest international manhunts in recent history.

Movies/TV Shows September 10, 2015

Dropbox Adds U2F Security Keys To Boost Security: Now, Don't Lose That USB Key

Dropbox has just released support for USB keys as an option for two-factor authentication. Users can still fall back on pins if they need to do so.

Internet August 14, 2015

End Of Passwords? Our Brain Activity Might Be All We Need To Unlock Websites, Bank Accounts

How our brains react to certain words could yield a unique signal that could serve as a secure 'password,' researchers say. In an experiment, a computer identified individuals from their brainwaves with 94 percent accuracy, they report.

June 3, 2015

Google's 'My Account' Page Gives You More Control On Your Security And Privacy: What To Know

Google has launched the My Account website as it looks to provide users with more control over the services and websites that access their personal information.

Internet June 3, 2015

Google Warns Password Security Questions Aren't That Secure

Google posted a study of security questions, revealing that security questions don't make accounts as safe as expected.

Internet May 21, 2015

Shocking! Minnesota Family Discovers Nanny Cam Hacked And Strange Things Happening

A Minnesota family found out someone in another country had been posting a link to their nanny cam online. A series of odd events soon started to take place.

Internet April 6, 2015

British Airways Locks Down Frequent Flyer Accounts Following Cyberattack

British Airways froze frequent flyer accounts after a massive hack that may have accessed the information of tens of thousands of customers.

Internet March 30, 2015

Increasing Cybersecurity Risks Driving Insurance Policy Growth

The recent Sony Pictures hack is casting a big spotlight on cybersecurity insurance as companies big and small scramble for protection against cyber break-ins. But as industry experts note, such policies are just one part of the strategy in fighting cybersecurity attacks.

Internet January 20, 2015

New Year Delivers High-Profile Data Breaches: How to Avoid Being the Next Hacker Target

The arrival of 2015 brought fallout from two high-profile data breaches in very different industries, one at JPMorgan and a hack at Chick-fil-A. Not such great news, but there are things enterprises big and small can do to protect their systems.

Business Tech January 7, 2015

Google Prepping Launch of Kid-friendly Versions of Products

Google is preparing a kid-friendly version of its most popular products, but privacy advocates call on the FTC to step up its game.

Internet December 4, 2014

Iran Hackers Pose Big Threat to Global Infrastructure: Cylance

A U.S. security startup alleges the Iranian government is behind the widespread attack on major infrastructure systems all over the world. Iran, however, denies involvement.

Internet December 3, 2014

Is Your Webcam Spying on You? Russian Site Streams Thousands of Live Footage to Voyeurs' Delight

Hackers target security cameras and publish thousands of live footage of private users online. Could you be one of the victims of snooping?

Internet November 21, 2014

Sneaky Verizon is tracking activity of mobile customers with invisible cookie

Security researchers discover Verizon has been tacking on identifying headers to track customers' web browsing activities, and it has gone undetected for two years.

Internet October 29, 2014

Londoners willing to give up first-born children in exchange for free Wi-Fi?

Some Londoners may be in for a shock when they realize they just signed over their firstborn children in exchange for access to free Wi-Fi in a security experiment conducted by F-Secure.

Internet Culture September 30, 2014

Shellshock threatens to BASH the Internet: How bad is the problem and how to protect yourself

The Shellshock bug is worse than Heartbleed, but it isn't going to melt the Internet. Here is what users can do to keep themselves protected.

Internet September 30, 2014

U.S. military contractors infiltrated by Chinese-backed hackers

A senate probe discovers Chinese hackers have infiltrated the networks of U.S. military contractors. The military had no idea about it.

Internet September 19, 2014

Hackers tapped Heartbeat Internet flaw in massive healthcare data breach

The Heartbleed flaw is how Chinese hackers reportedly stole information on 4.5 million users from an healthcare provider. It's the first massive cyberattack via the flaw since the Internet vulnerability was discovered earlier this year.

Internet August 20, 2014

How to boost password security: 3 tips to follow

Password security can be strong and valuable as long as the user understands how to best approach setting up a password. Find out if your passwords meet good practice guidelines.

Internet August 6, 2014

Twitter buys Mitro Labs and will share security tech with everyone

Twitter has purchased Mitro Labs, a password security startup. But instead of incorporating the company into its network, Twitter will make the product open source.

Internet August 1, 2014

Microsoft adds extra encryption methods to and OneDrive: NSA proof?

With the NSA and Heartbleed debacle still hot in our memories, Microsoft finally encrypted and OneDrive connections. The company is the latest to act against the spy agency.

Internet July 4, 2014

AT&T confirms hacking incident, blames vendor employees but is not forthcoming on specifics

AT&T has come forward about a security breach that occurred in April. The hack appears to have compromised Social Security numbers of some users.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 16, 2014

Twitter tops Trust Honor Roll's most trustworthy sites

New report on online security lists most trusted sites. The Online Trust Alliance report should help users know what sites are safe to visit and give personal information on.

Internet June 11, 2014

Governments tap your phone in unthinkable ways, Vodafone squeals

At least six governments have unrestricted, unlimited access to the content of users’ private phone calls and phone call information, says Vodafone. Alarming? Yes, but not exactly surprising following the Snowden leaks of 2013.

Business June 9, 2014

Stop snooping or face consequences: Microsoft, other tech giants warn U.S. gov’t

Microsoft and other big names in the technology industry want to regain the trust of their clients, now joins the public outcry for Uncle Sam to stop sticking his nose where it isn’t wanted.

Legal June 7, 2014

Almost half of U.S. adults have had personal info hacked in last year. That's 432 million accounts!

These startling figures come on the heels of a number of massive security breaches at such companies as eBay and Target. The implications for consumers can be very serious.

Internet May 29, 2014

Hackers are winning the cyber crime war, says new study

A new study reveals hackers might just be winning the cyber war. The report shows there is still much work that needs to be done.

Internet May 28, 2014

Hack attack prompts Spotify to issue password reset plea to users

Spotify is urging users to reset their passwords. This comes after they reported a widespread security breach.

Internet May 28, 2014

EBay initially thought customer's data was safe, authorities see red

At least three states have vowed to probe the eBay customer account security breach after the auction site announced that hackers were able to infiltrate its system. The company reported the breach a couple of months after it happened. Now 233 million eBay users are seeing red.

Business May 24, 2014

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