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5 Best Free Torrent Apps On Android For 2017

Torrents may have a bad reputation but it is one of the most convenient methods for P2P file sharing. Find out which free torrent apps outperform the competition on Android

Internet January 29, 2017

Why BitTorrent Live Streaming On Android Might Not Last For Long

BitTorrent finally brings its live streaming service to Android but there is speculation that suggests the application may already be in trouble due to some issues in the company

Feature | Tech January 29, 2017

Pirate Bay Now Calling Costa Rica Home? Controversial Site's Future in Limbo

After suffering possibly its most devastating raid to date, The Pirate Bay finds sanctuary in Costa Rica for now. A Pirate Bay co-founder isn't happy with what the file sharing service has become.

Business Tech December 10, 2014

Economy influences how people use P2P file-sharing systems: Report

A study has found a direct correlation between a country's economic standing and the types of content its P2P users share. Countries with a high GDP share smaller files like music, while poorer countries share larger files, such as high-definition movies.

Internet Culture October 11, 2014

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