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Windows 10 Password Manager Brings Back Critical Security Vulnerability Spotted Last Year

A free password manager that was bundled with Windows 10 downloads was discovered to have a critical security vulnerability. The bug, however, was already spotted by a Google security researcher last year.

Security December 17, 2017

Password Manager OneLogin Hacked: Attacker May Also Have Acquired A Way To Unlock Encrypted Data

OneLogin suffered a security breach that potentially compromised customer data. Making the attack potentially much more damaging is that the hacker may have also acquired a decrpytion method for encrypted data.

Security June 2, 2017

Android O Autofill Feature Confirmed To Be Supported By Password Managers LastPass, 1Password

LastPass and 1Password announce that they'll support the upcoming autofill feature of Android O. Users will soon have a seamless experience in filling up forms.

Apps/Software April 10, 2017

LastPass Updates Security After Vulnerability Was Exposed By A Researcher

LastPass, a known password manager, has revealed security flaws in its browser extensions. The company is already patching the vulnerability, which was revealed by a security researcher this week.

Security March 30, 2017

The Most Common Password Of 2016 Is Still '123456'

It's official: the most common password of 2016 is still '123456,' with 17 percent of online users still using it. Needless to say, that's a big no-no.

Security January 17, 2017

LastPass Multi-Device Access Now Free: You Can Now Manage Passwords Across Devices Without Spending A Dime

LastPass' multi-device support, a feature that has probably driven most of its premium subscribers to upgrade, has just been made free. Now, LastPass passwords are instantly accessible from PC, laptop, tablet and smartphones for all users.

Security November 3, 2016

Google, Dashlane To Standardize Android Password Managers With 'Open YOLO' - You Only Log In Once

Google and Dashlane announced that they are joining forces to create an open source API that gathers all password managers under its umbrella. The Open YOLO – 'you only log in once' – project is backed by big players in the sector already.

Apps/Software August 6, 2016

Android Password Manager 1Password Adds Individual Subscription Plan At $3 Per Month: Document Storage, Web Access And More

AgileBits rolled out a new plan for its commended 1Password service, and individual subscribers can now sign up for only $3. The new service brings web access, ultra secure document storage and more.

Apps/Software August 4, 2016

Android Password Manager 1Password Finally Gets Fingerprint Unlock And More

Password manager 1Password for Android got a major update that brings several neat improvements, including a Material Design overhaul. Fingerprint unlock, however, is likely the greatest highlight of the update.

Apps/Software February 10, 2016

LastPass Users See Red Over LogMeIn Acquisition, Threaten To Switch Over To Competitors

Software as a Service company LogMeIn acquired LastPass. Users are now looking for services to replace the password manager as they will never trust LogMeIn again.

Internet October 12, 2015

Cloud-Based Software Maker LogMeIn Buys Password Manager LastPass For $125M

Password manager service LastPass has been snapped-up by LogMeIN for $125 million. Per the deals' terms, LogMeIn will shell out $110 million of the amount in cash and set aside $15 million for contingent payments

Internet October 11, 2015

Oops...LastPass found a security hole in password manager. Should you worry?

Researchers found two vulnerabilities in LastPass password manager last year, but the company is not worried and says that a password change is not necessary.

Internet July 13, 2014

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