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'Pokémon' On Nintendo Switch Rumors Heat Up: 'Pokémon Yellow' Remakes, 'Pokémon GO' Connection, 2018 Launch

New 'Pokémon' for Nintendo Switch leaks are heating up the rumor mills. According to the latest leaks, the next 'Pokémon' games will be remakes of 'Pokémon Yellow,' and that they will somehow be connected to the 'Pokémon GO' mobile app.

Video Games May 15, 2018

Pokémon Trainers, Take Note: Game Boy Emulator Brings 'Pokémon Yellow' To Apple Watch

The Giovanni emulator by iOS software developer Gabriel O'Flaherty-Chan has made it possible to port 'Pokémon Yellow' into the Apple Watch. Is the game able to be properly played on the smartwatch?

Video Games March 20, 2017

'Pokémon' Red, Blue, Yellow Return To The 3DS In February 2016

'Pokémon' Red, Blue and Yellow are making a comeback to the Nintendo 3DS. For the franchise's 20th Anniversary in February of 2016, Nintendo's port of the first generation 'Pokémon' games over to the 3DS will use the device's wireless capabilities to battle and trade 'Pokémon.'

Video Games November 13, 2015

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