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Barack Obama Quotes: 5 Memorable Lines From The Outgoing US President

Take a look back at some of President Barack Obama’s most memorable quotes in his eight years leading the United States. It cannot be denied that he had some great insights to share not only with his fellow politicians and critics, but also with the millions of citizens whose welfare he was responsible for.

Feature | Culture December 31, 2016

President Obama And Mark Zuckerberg To Talk Tech On Facebook Live

President Obama and Mark Zuckerberg will share the stage during an interview at the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit. The talk will be broadcasted via Facebook Live, showcasing the social media company’s streaming feature.

Business Tech June 23, 2016

Prince George Steals The Show At Kensington: Little Prince Stays Up Late To Meet US President Barack Obama

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's son, Prince George, is already good at fostering diplomatic relations. The barely 3-year-old prince stayed up past his bedtime to thank POTUS and FLOTUS for their gift.

Life & Style April 23, 2016

President Obama Pledges To Veto House Passage Of H.R. 2666 Anti-Net Neutrality Bill

The White House published its position on the H.R. 2666 Anti-Net Neutrality Bill. President Obama swore that the bill will not pass during his mandate, as it has the potential to neuter the FCC in relation with big data carriers.

Legal April 15, 2016

Environmental Legacy: Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline Project

President Barack Obama rejected the proposed construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Justin Trudeau, in the meantime, the new Prime Minister of Canada and a Keystone supporter, expressed dissatisfaction on President Obama's decision, but ensured that the relationship between the two nations is not affected.

Society November 7, 2015

Obama To Rename Mount McKinley: North America's Tallest Mountain Will Soon Be Called Denali And Here's Why

Obama will rename Mount McKinley to Denali during his historic trip to Alaska this week. The Athabaskan people has long called the mountain Denali, which means "the High One."

Society August 31, 2015

Barack Obama Finally Joins Twitterverse With @POTUS Twitter Account

U.S. President Barack Obama finally has his own Twitter account which uses the handle @POTUS for ‘president of the United States.’ It currently has more than 1.7 million followers and has 65 accounts being followed by the president.

Society May 19, 2015

Obama Talks Retirement With David Letterman During 'Late Show' Guesting [Video]

President Barack Obama and talk show host David Letterman spend one last time together on national TV before Letterman leaves his popular late-night gig.

Movies/TV Shows May 5, 2015

President Obama Personally Thanks Japan For Manga, Anime And Emoji

President Obama made a speech today about his meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, taking the opportunity to personally thank Japan for geeky things like manga, anime and emojis.

Internet Culture April 29, 2015

White House Correspondents' Dinner 2015: How To Watch 'Nerd Prom' On Your TV, Online And On Your Phone

The 2015 White House Correspondents' Dinner takes over the nation's capital tonight. Here's how you can be sure to see all of the buzzworthy moments from this year's "Nerd Prom."

Movies/TV Shows April 25, 2015

Obama Announces Bad News For Hackers Overseas Who Threaten The US

President Barack Obama signed a new Executive Order that would, for the first time, allow the U.S. to impose sanctions against individuals and various entities located outside the country if they are suspected of engaging in malicious cyber spying and cyber attacks.

Society April 2, 2015

Need NCAA Tournament 2015 Bracket Help? President Barack Obama Unveils His Picks

Every year, President Barack Obama's March Madness bracket grabs headlines. See which teams he picked to make it to the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament this year.

Movies/TV Shows March 18, 2015

Obama Says Kids Should Care Less About Weed And More About Jobs And Peace

In a recent interview, President Obama said that young Americans should care more about political issues like climate change and jobs rather than the legalization of marijuana.

Internet Culture March 17, 2015

Obama Reads Mean Tweets About Himself On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

President Barack Obama was the latest guest in the Mean Tweets segment of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.' Obama read six tweets and even gave smart responses to some.

Society March 13, 2015

President Obama Announces $100 Million TechHire Program To Curb Unemployment In America

In an attempt to curb the unemployment rate in America, President Obama unveiled his $100 million TechHire initiative.

Society March 10, 2015

U.S. Lawmakers Introduce New Privacy Bill

Four U.S. senators have resurrected the Data Broker Accountability and Transparency Act, which is a proposed privacy bill that would allow consumers to see personal information.

Legal March 6, 2015

The Smithsonian Institute Bans Visitors From Using Those Tacky Selfie Sticks

Visitors to The Smithsonian will have to sheath their selfie sticks when witnessing the beautiful works of art on display there.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 4, 2015

The Always Cool Ruth Bader Ginsburg Admits She 'Wasn't 100 Percent Sober’ During The SOTU

Some speculated that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dozed off during the State of the Union address in January. Now Bader Ginsburg has revealed what inspired her drowsiness.

Internet Culture February 13, 2015

Obama Wants Tougher Law to Protect Internet Users from Hacking, Identity Theft

President Obama proposed new laws and measures that would give Americans a stronger protection online. These include the requirement that U.S. companies should inform customers at a much quicker time when their personal information was compromised.

Society January 13, 2015

President Barack Obama Takes Over 'The Colbert Report'

It was widely publicized that President Obama would be appearing as a guest on the Dec. 8 episode of 'The Colbert Report.' But no one was prepared for this.

Movies/TV Shows December 9, 2014

President Obama Signs E-Label Act. No More Ugly Labels on Your Gadgets

President Obama has signed into law the E-Label Act. The act will enable electronics makers to use software when adding labels on products instead of printing them on hardware.

Gadgets November 28, 2014

Obama Pardons National Thanksgiving Turkey. So, is it Mac or Cheese? [Video]

President Barack Obama pardoned this year's Thanksgiving turkey. The ceremony was held indoors, amid the cold, wet weather that has hit Washington and other states nearby.

Society November 27, 2014

Obama Pledges $3 Billion for International Climate Change Fund

President Obama has pledged a U.S. contribution of $3 billion to help developing countries address climate change and its negative effects. The Green Climate Fund (GCF) endowment may have a 'domino effect' that sparks more donations.

Society November 16, 2014

Obama appoints Ebola czar but not everyone is happy about his pick

President Barack Obama has appointed Ronald Klain as the Ebola czar. The appointment has received criticism as Klain does not have public health or infectious disease background for the role.

Life October 18, 2014

Obama still BlackBerry's biggest fan - BlackBerry user in chief refuses to test Samsung and LG devices

BlackBerry still has one fan and his name is President Barack Obama. Last week, reports surfaced that the White House was testing LG and Samsung devices as possible replacements for the BlackBerry handsets it currently uses. White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters over the weekend that Obama did not participate in the testing program.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 24, 2014

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