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No Joke, Google Is Looking For An SEO Expert To Improve Its Rankings In Google Search

Are you an SEO expert? Google is currently looking for an SEO manager to help the company gain prominence on rival search sites as well as its own.

Business July 17, 2015

Google Mobilegeddon Arrives Tuesday: Fly Or Die

A Pompeian catastrophe is befalling websites that didn't prep for Mobilegeddon. Google is now using mobile friendliness as a metric for ranking websites.

Internet April 21, 2015

Hackers hit Sony PS Network, behind bomb threat hoax

Sony's PSN returns to normal operations after suffering a denial of service attack. Hack Lizard claimed it perpetrated the PSN attacks and was behind a bomb threat hoax, though another group may have really been behind the PSN outage.

Video Games August 25, 2014

HTTPS encrypted websites to soar in Google search results: Weep, hackers, weep

Internet users will surely be seeing more websites with URLs that begin with HTTPS as Google now includes security as a factor in determining a website’s search ranking.

Internet August 10, 2014

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