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Scientists Find Evidence That Ancient Canaanites Survive Today: Was The Bible Wrong?

Ancient Canaanites were annihilated according to a passage in the Old Testament, but the Bible may be mistaken. Archaeologists have found evidence of Canaanite DNA in modern-day Lebanese.

Ancient July 28, 2017

It Has Come To This: Bible Translated To Emoji Now In App Store As 'Scripture 4 Millenials'

The Bible has had many different interpretations over the years, and now a version with emojis exists. Meet 'Bible Emoji: Scripture 4 Millenials,' an e-book translation for iOS that lets users peruse the adventures of Noah, Jesus and Abraham in a very contemporary way.

Apps/Software May 31, 2016

Target Banned 'GTA V' In Australia, So Some Aussies Have Formed A Change.Org Petition To Ban The Bible Too

Target withdrew 'Grand Theft Auto V' from store shelves for containing sexual violence, so now some Aussies are calling for the retailer to do the same with the Bible.

Geek December 4, 2014

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